Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who's a Denier Dunce?

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Given Anthony Watts' post of Josh's latest cartoon on WUWT, I thought it might be fun to google:

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bill said...

I defy anyone to fail to identify either subject of those remarkable Josh 'caricatures'.

They rival his otherwise unparalleled depiction of Al Gore. Which is uncannily like him, because Gore certainly also has eyebrows, and hair, and eyes, a nose and mouth in roughly symmetrical arrangement.

Even though you might be thinking 'um, dunno... maybe Spiro Agnew?', if you read the caption underneath - perhaps twice - or what's perhaps helpfully written on his shirt, and half-squinted your eyes, maybe by candlelight; well, common courtesy would certainly demand you see it...

But we always know when it's Mike Mann, because, you know, he has a beard.