Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help the Snowshoe Hares

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Pretty animals, aren't they.

Not that we can do much in the short term, but couldn't we try a bit harder to give them a few extra days protection each year?

Color-Changing Hare Can't Keep Up With Climate Change

Photo credit: D. Gordon E. Robertson adapted by HotWhopper.
Mills et al Camouflage mismatch in seasonal coat color due to decreased snow duration
PNAS 2013 110 (18) 7099-7100; doi:10.1073/iti1813110


  1. It's a travesty what man has done to the animal and plant kingdom to now. And I expect evolution wont be able to keep up with AGW for millions of species in the future.

    Unfortunatley your bunny picture wont strike a chord with the denialists. It will however evoke a dumb, blank, Sarah Palin like stare and an urging for a 22 rifle in hand.


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