Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DuKE-ing it out...

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The Battle of the DuKEs*

Anthony Watts of  WUWT is DuKE-ing it out with the Dragon Slayers** from Principia Scientific International.  A quote from the Slayers on WUWT:

“All of us on our side have researched and deeply pondered the actual principles of radiative heat transfer. On the other side, however, the “experts” we argue with, like Spencer, Lindzen, Monckton, Watts, just insist that a body’s radiant energy can be doubled by directing that energy back to it — even though the simplest of experiments will shows that this is false.

Anthony Watts is arguing with the Slayers that the greenhouse effect is real.  Meanwhile Anthony's top sticky post is that global warming isn't real.

*DuKE - a collective noun eg A DuKE of deniers TM Lotharsson.
** Dragon Slayers - refer: The Uncertainty Monster Swallows the Sky Dragon

Duke it out:
  1. To fight, especially with the fists. A large crowd came to watch the boxers duke it out. 
  2. (idiomatic) To argue heavily or at length. The candidates duked it out on the proposal for hours.


  1. I had missed this WUWT post. Thank you, this is real recursive fun.

    If my (lack of) success in making Watts understand the science is any indication, I do not expect that Watts will be able to convince the Dragon Slayers.

    I wonder whether there are people that even further away from the road and need science lessons from the Dragon Slayers.

    1. Yes, their "recursiveness" indeed. Funny how the deniers seem to buy any yarn at all, even contradictory yarns.

      The thread attracted a lot of comments, really bad from the few I read. WUWT as a whole is all over the place, with:

      someone arguing the oceans are in a "post-70s" warming so what do you expect (that's the magic warming);

      Someone else arguing that skeptics are the only people who have a truly open mind, but that they have to stick together and *insist* and not budge from the fixed position that "it's not warming and can't be warming";

      someone fleecing $$ for a short video choreographed by Monckton telling people to live with warming coz that'll be cheaper now - and who cares about the future (Here it 'only' cost $1000 flood levy per taxpayer to rebuild Qld after the 2011 floods. That 'proves' it's cheaper(?) Luckily they didn't charge us for the 2012 or 2013 floods. );

      a sleight of hand post trying to say the UK Met (weather not transport) says it's not warming; and

      Anthony flailing about trying to find someone who blamed the Oklahoma tornado on global warming - and failing, so he fudges people saying "you can't say that about one event" and presents it as if they did.

      And then Anthony trying to prove the greenhouse effect is real after all. The batty deniers are all in a heap not knowing what's what.

  2. The Met Office gave a clear answer. Too delinquently clear. Therefore: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/05/27/uh-oh-the-met-office-has-set-the-cat-amongst-the-pigeons/ .

    Looks like the Idiot's new strategy is posting so incredibly dumb that no-one with any self respect would try debunking the nonsens.

  3. Same schizophrenia at Bishop Hill. One minute you've got Nic Lewis discussing TCR and ECS to 2 x CO2 and the next, GWPF Trustee Lord Donoughue arguing that increased CO2 forcing has no discernible effect on climate.

    This is what comes of trying to believe in various impossible things before breakfast.

    1. Nic Lewis has no shame. A denier of the Tol kind, preferring their company.


    2. Yup, I agree. NL is systematically low-balling his TCR/ECS estimates because he's a free marketeer of some stripe.

      If he were a scientist as opposed to a retired financier playing games I'd call it scientific misconduct.


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