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The HotWhoppery

The HotWhoppery is where dud comments are sent.


Climate history as gleaned from old Australian newspapers

Wild Weather

Deniers at their worst best weirdest - Top 10 most popular HotWhopper articles

  1. Steve McIntyre's big blooper - mistaking water mass movement for water temperature! (most popular article)
  2. Roy Spencer's latest deceit and deception 
  3. Confessions of deniers at Judith Curry's
  4. Watts is Whopping Mad (Crazy) after Marcott et al - Must be the Heat!
  5. Deconstructing the 97% self-destructed Richard Tol
  6. Anthony Watts' bombshell goes pear-shaped. 82% of WUWT-ers aren't interested!
  7. The Evolution of a 97% Conspiracy Theory - The Case of the Abstract IDs
  8. Calling scientists frauds and fakers just pisses them off!
  9. The relevance of (climate) models - - increasing understanding
  10. Freed of any values, Judith Curry slithers and slides and hurtles into deniersville

Other favourites

Cognition and Denial

Sexism and Misogyny

News: Climate and Weather

Click the header links below for the latest news from Google on climate and weather (climate change, floods, wildfire etc)