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The Hotwhoppery

The HotWhoppery is where dud comments are sent.


Climate history as gleaned from old Australian newspapers

Flashback to 1884: A few hundredths of carbonic acid gas in the atmosphere...the surface...would become like a vast orchid house

Flashback to 1906 - another ice age coming.. featuring Sir Robert Ball

Flashback to 1909: Professor Skeats on CO2 and water vapour acting as "a kind of a blanket"

From 1913 - A perspective on volcanoes and ice ages from Prof WJ Humphreys

Flashback to 1910 - the Indian Monsoon and ENSO - featuring Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker

Flashback to 1922 - World Growing Warmer - featuring The Weather Optimist from London's Daily Mail

Flashback to 1940: Gradually rising earth's temperature and Kirtley Fletcher Mather

Flash back to 1949 - Global Warming, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica and a Young Australian
featuring Gordon de Quetteville Robin

Flashback to 1947 - Arctic Climate's Alarming Change featuring Hans W:son Ahlmann

Flashback to 1957 - CO2 from Industry May be Warming Earth

Flashback to 1967: The Weather and Air Pollution featuring J Murray Mitchell Jr, Robert A McCormick and John H Ludwig

Flashback to 1972 - Scientists Fear for Arctic Sea Ice - melt may bring irreversible climatic change

Cognition and Denial

Downside of the Conservative Brain

Climate science denier (knee) jerks

HotWhoppers, Monckton and His Scaredy Cat Prey

Werner Brozek at WUWT claims that "at least" means "at most"! - the comments section of this article provide a pretty good example of an attempted Gish Gallop by a science denier, with circular arguments, strawmen, ignoring lost arguments, repetition, red herrings, spaghetti tactics, half-truths and completely false claims, inconsistent arguments and other silliness in a dogged determination to reject the fact that human emissions of greenhouse gases are causing the world to warm faster than ever.  It could form the basis of an exercise for a class on critical thinking.

Wild Weather

Australia's Angry Summer

A Whopper of a Heat Wave

Deniers at their worst best Weirdest

Sexism and Misogyny

The Men's Playground (Most popular page - excl. blog posts)

AGU Fall Meeting 2014

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