Saturday, May 4, 2013

Different Views of the Same Thing

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I played around some more with the different views on the changes in global surface temperature as expressed in comments on WUWT (more details here).  I've put them all together in a single gif animation.

The different views range from independent boxes labelled 'warming' and 'no warming' (Tisdale) through to denial of the past 16 years of surface temperatures, and others in between.  The chart comes from the latest WMO report.

You can read the verbal descriptions and more in my other post here.

Lars Karlsson has pointed to an article by Ed Hawkins that's not totally irrelevant to this topic.

Update:- ooh, ooh - it's a WMO Conspiracy:

Here's a gem from the same thread, for the watchers of WUWT's paranoid conspiracy theorists:

Jon says:
May 3, 2013 at 9:46 pm  Why is WMO organized under UN and who did it and what are the motives?


  1. Yes, I found it amusing to see the same graph being used to make completely opposite claims. I've been trying - on my blog - to maintain a level of balance to see if it's possible to actually engage in a discussion that doesn't degenerate into mudslinging. Bob Tisdale's inability to understand the basic concept of energy conservation is, however, starting to really tick me off.

    1. Bob's mind is made up and nothing will shift it. I wouldn't be too bothered by him. He's a one trick pony who gets some traction, but most of his posts are way too dense for the WUWT crowd. His silliness and stubbornness make him an easy mark for pointing out how wrong deniers can be.

      If anyone reading his articles wanted to find out about ENSO there is quite a bit of material on the internet from NOAA and BoM and other sources.

    2. Yes, I'm sure you're correct. The concern is the impact that such people have. It should be straightforward to show that their arguments are simply wrong and that they should just be ignored. Clearly my level of naivety hasn't reduced as I've got older.

  2. But as I sauntered by the tide
    I saw a something at my side,
    A something green, and blue, and pink,
    And brown, and purple, too, I think.
    I would not say how large it was;
    I would not venture that because
    It took me rather by surprise,
    And I have not the best of eyes.

    Should you compare it to a cat,
    I'd say it was as large as that;
    Or should you ask me if the thing
    Was smaller than a sparrow's wing,
    I should be apt to think you knew,
    And simple answer, "Very true!"
    Well, as I looked upon the thing,
    It murmured, "Please, sir, can I sing?"
    And then I knew its name at once -
    It plainly was a Cumberbunce.

    Paul West

    1. "I did not ask permission, sir,
      I really did not, I aver.
      You, sir, misunderstood me, quite.
      I did not ask you if I might.
      Had you correctly understood,
      You'd know I asked you if I could.
      So, as I cannot sing a song,
      Your answer, it is plain, was wrong.
      The fact I could not sing I knew,
      But wanted your opinion, too."

      A voice came softly o'er the lea.
      "Farewell! my mate is calling me!"

      I saw the creature disappear,
      Its voice, in parting, smote my ear--
      "I thought all people understood
      The difference 'twixt 'might' and 'could'!"

    2. ;-)

      It's perfect, isn't it? The Denialist as quibbling Cumberbunce.


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