Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today's Menu from Anthony Watts - Fruitcake (Nutty As)

Sou | 2:38 PM Go to the first of 3 comments. Add a comment

Special of the Day from the WUWT Monckton Nuttery.  Your waitperson is Anthony Watts.

Fruitcake with nuts - and with icing on top

We call it the Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Special - Viscount Edition.

Sliced Fruitcake
Nutty Fruitcake with Icing on Top


  1. The Graves Disease continues its progression.

    1. Uh uh - let's leave that one. Two of my nieces have Graves Disease and they are every bit as sane as you and saner (and much more accomplished) than I.

  2. Nup Sou, I took a small bite of that cake and had to spit it out. The weevils had got to it...


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