Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Depths of Delusion on WUWT as the Potty Peer gets Pottier

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Anthony Watts is progressively sinking further into the depths of delusion.  Today he's chosen to do it with another article from the potty peer, Monckton.  He's practically turned over his blog, WUWT, to this fruitcake.

One example, today Monckton says of global warming: There has been none for at least 18 years.  

That's crazy talk.  Take a look for yourself.  This is from NASA:

This is the sea ice volume in the Arctic from PIOMAS.  How does he think ice melts?

This is the ocean heat content from NOAA - not exactly cooling is it:

And this is where we're heading if clowns like Monckton and Watts get their way - from Jos Hagelaars on Bart Verheggen's blog:

It gets even weirder

Gotta say that bloke Monckton is a very weird character of the unsavoury kind.  Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.  Anthony is going the same way.  A man is known by the company he keeps.  Next I expect young Anthony to declare he's a birther, has found a cure for AIDS and is a member of the House of Lords!

Anyway, Monckton rambles on with a lot of nonsense, virtually saying that unless every scientific paper declares a commitment to every scientific fact  ever known, then it denies all science.  He even says the scientific consensus on human-induced climate change is dropping, when in fact it's risen so high and is so mainstream that scientific papers assume AGW these days.  No need to be explicit.  Monckton is a right loon.

By last count Anthony has only 24 Dismissives at most who are dumb enough to fall for Monckton's nonsense, which is slow going by WUWT standards.  I expect the count to grow - there are a few more crazies in the world.  Still, maybe the tide is turning.


  1. At what point do you say that this guy is seriously unstable? He makes creationists look positively sane by comparison.

    1. Don't know, Ian. He got kicked out of the ultra right wing UKIP because he was such a loose canon.

      He's probably stable enough - a stable crank. I don't know why Anthony Watts cosies up to him but suspect it's that anglophilic adoration some Americans have for what they think is 'royalty'. He's nowhere near royalty of course, but Anthony doesn't know that. I think his grand-dad got the peerage and for some reason they made it hereditary. They didn't anticipate an idiot like Monckton being in line. (I think it dies with Monckton but not sure about that.)

      Pretty funny really. Monckton will be the undoing of Watts if he doesn't come undone by other means first. Even Andrew Bolt has disowned the clown.

    2. I wish Andrew Bolt hadn't disowned the tripper. If Bolt disowns you there must be something good and decent about you.

  2. I suspect that what Monckton calls "no warming" should actually be "no statistically significant warming", which is a much weaker statement (meaning "there is a small (5%) probability that such a trend occurs by chance alone"). To drop the "statistically significant" part (or to rely on that most people don't understand what it means) is a favorite ploy among the denialati.

    1. Except that there has been statistically significant warming over the past eighteen years.

      Monckton just picks a number out of a hat. In the past he's even said there's been no warming over two decades. I mean where has the man been for the past twenty years?

      Here he takes pot luck with 16 Years, 18 Years, 19 Years or 23 Years

      The man doesn't know if he's coming or going.

  3. One of the key rules of Denial Club is that no one ever gets kicked out for being crazy or inconsistent. You only get kicked out for apostasy. (See Muller, Richard.)

  4. I was told recently that I was ignoring the works of Popper by claiming that global warming was still happening despite the evidence provided by temperature anomaly data. They didn't respond when I pointed out that it was them who were ignoring Popper by basing their views on a single piece of evidence and ignoring all the other indicators of global warming.

    1. Lots of deniers are still waiting...waiting...waiting...for that one scientific paper that will falsify all of modern physics and chemistry and "disprove" the greenhouse effect. Only then will they find peace :(


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