Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More denier weirdness: scientists are not real people...

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...according to one science denier

According to HotCopper's Hanrahan, now scientists aren't REAL PEOPLE.  Here are some excerpts from a thread on Hotcopper (in which I got a mention):

Hanrahan, who has been actively denying global warming for years, doesn't seem to know that:
  • the IPCC reports list contributors who are real people, or that
  • each IPCC chapter has a list of references like this with each paper written by real people, or that 
  • Google Scholar allows you to search papers on climate change that are authored by real people , or that 
  • SkepticalScience has a facility to search for abstracts and authors of scientific papers of the past twenty years or so, written by real people.  

He writes in HotCopper's S&M club (subs req'd), making sure he gets his denial in early in case someone responds:
To sceptics the consensus is non-existent and meaningless even if it were so.  I am asking for something more like NAMES of who comprises this so-called consensus.  You cannot even prove there are more than a few fanatics. I can show thousands who disagree. Over to you.

Tinnitus does respond and writes:
Well you could ring up each of the authors of the 32.6% of the 11944 climate abstracts that endorsed AGW in the Cook survey. I am sure that will keep you busy for a while. Or you could ring up the authors of the 0.7% of the 11944 climate abstracts that didn't endorse AGW.
That will not take you long at all.

To which Hanrahan replied - but scientists aren't PEOPLE:

Tin, you talk about statistical analysis of papers I am talking PEOPLE.
A consensus comprises people and I claim you don't actually have many. You have dodged this for years PRETENDING you don't need real people.

Here ya go Hanrahan.  These people are REAL climate scientists:

These media reports are REAL, too, and prepared by REAL people:

This is REAL as well:

Visit The Consensus Project

And a bonus for Hanrahan who, despite having had the case proven to him over and over and over again, also wrote earlier in the same thread:
If you think it is getting hotter, prove your case, don't try to censor me.
A real global land and sea temperature chart, based on data collected and analysed by real people and plotted by a real blogger:

There is plenty of other evidence for young Hanrahan, if only he wanted to see it!

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