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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Denier weirdness @wattsupwiththat - The US housing bubble collapse proves climate science is a hoax?

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Anthony Watts has posted yet another "climate hoax" conspiracy theory on his blog (archived here). This one is not at all developed. It is by someone called "Victor Grauer" complaining that his false accusation of fraud by climate scientists was relegated to the bore hole by the climate scientists at

Victor revamped and reposted his theory where it would be likely to get a better reception. And where better to post something rejected by leading scientists, than the world's leading climate conspiracy and disinformation blog, WUWT?

His argument boils down to this:

  • There was a collapse of the US housing market this century
  • Bernie Madoff conned his investors
  • Therefore climate science is a hoax.

Logic fail!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Eric Worrall wants the New York Times to "balance" facts with conspiracy theories

Sou | 5:22 PM Go to the first of 15 comments. Add a comment

I've said before how difficult life is these days for climate science deniers and disinformers. They can't seem to win a trick with the weather against them and the science not supporting them. They don't like being ignored.

Eric Worrall is complaining today about a New York Times call for a climate change editor (archived here). Eric wants the job spec to include giving weight to pseudo-science and conspiracy theories, instead of focusing on the realities of climate change.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Anthony Watts, cosmic rays, Hockey Schtick and Dan Pangburn

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Deniers are having a really hard time at the moment. With climate change getting more and more obvious, Anthony Watts is referring to nutty and nuttier to keep his fans' attention. Today he started off okay, but ended up referring to a denier called Dan Pangburn via one of Anthony's "anonymous cowards" who goes by the name of the Hockey Schtick.

The newly published paper that Anthony was writing about to start with was by J. Svensmark, M. B. Enghoff, N. J. Shaviv, and H. Svensmark. The last author is the scientist from Denmark who is much beloved by fake sceptics for his cosmic ray hypothesis. (The second last author is an "it's the sun" proponent and global warming denier.) In the new paper, the authors report some work where they say they have found that cloud cover decreases in response to Forbush decrease events.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Calling for volunteers for a small project

Sou | 12:46 AM Go to the first of 12 comments. Add a comment

If anyone is willing to help with a small project of mine, please send an email to sou at hotwhopper dot com (you know how to parse that). It will require a few minutes of your time over the next week or so, and could be fun. No climate knowledge or any particular skills in anything is required, though it might be a small advantage to know something of climate change or the climate blogosphere.

I'm on the road at the moment, but will get back as soon as I can to all of you who email.

PS I should add I'm looking for as many people as possible, not just one person. So don't be shy :)

Time to look at the Arctic sea ice 2016

Sou | 12:15 AM Go to the first of 15 comments. Add a comment

There has been some unusual weather in the Arctic again and it's even captured the attention of deniers. Arctic ice watcher, Neven, has been keeping a close eye on arctic cyclones and their impact, aided by other people who have built up some knowledge in the subject. They are wondering if these sort of events will happen more often than they used to. Earlier this year, in early spring, Arctic sea ice was at record low levels for that time of the year. It's not kept this place however it is still very low, being currently the third lowest on record for the time of year, just above 2007.

Anthony Watts is a blogging climate conspiracy theorist who tries to downplay climate change. He has built up a reputation in the dim corners of the internet for promoting "climate hoax" conspiracy theories and "ice age cometh" articles. Yes, even this year, during the hottest decade on record, and what will probably be the third in a row hottest year on record, and after ten "hottest months" on record, and the hottest ever month on record. As the world heats up relentlessly, deniers are looking crazier and crazier.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Denier Don Easterbrook and his 30 year periods

Sou | 5:37 PM Go to the first of 27 comments. Add a comment

There's another silly article by someone called Andy May at WUWT, claiming that because the slope of a temperature chart went up in the early twentieth century, and has been going up again and again and again, CO2 can't be causing global warming. Andy May wrote:

It is very hard to claim that mostly natural forces caused the warming from 1910 to 1945 and mostly man-made forces caused the similar warming from 1975 to 2009. The simplest explanation, given the data before us, is that the natural forces were the same in the two periods. That being said and accepting that man does have some influence on climate today with his CO2 and methane emissions, it seems more likely that our influence is in the 22% to 25% range. “More than half” is not credible to this observer.
No, it's not hard to claim that at all.

Andy's committed a logical fallacy of personal incredulity. The temperature goes up when there's a positive forcing or when a negative forcing disappears. The forcings can be different yet still have the same effect. In the early 20th century the negative forcing from volcanic activity disappeared, and the solar forcing got a bit stronger. In the second half of the twentieth century it was virtually all human forcing, primarily CO2.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

NOAA's Climate Explorer fools climate quack Bob Tisdale at WUWT

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Bob Tisdale has just discovered a terrific new NOAA web tool that is designed to help communities in the USA adapt to climate change (archived here). Naturally enough, Bob doesn't bother to find out the first thing about the tool or the data that underpins it. Instead he all but accuses NOAA of fraud and fakery in his usual "climate hoax" conspiratorial manner.

Climate Explorer - for the USA

First lets look at what the collaborative effort (NOAA plus more) is offering planners and communities in the USA. It's called The Climate Explorer. You can choose a city and see what may happen to your temperature and rainfall over time, under different scenarios. There are two scenarios: high emissions and low emissions. If you choose Chico, Butte County, California, you'll see the following options, each having more options:
  • temperature
  • precipitation
  • other:- heating degree days and cooling degree days.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

SciAm article gets climate science deniers to shout denial about their denial...

Sou | 2:12 AM Go to the first of 17 comments. Add a comment

Over at WUWT Eric Worrall has posted his take on an article in Scientific American (archived here). The article is by Margaret Hetherman, and she's written about climate change. Her article is about how we are reacting and coping with it, wondering how future generations will regard us, and speculates about why deniers think climate change is a hoax.

Eric wrote above a slab of copy and paste:

Scientific American thinks we are all so worried about climate change, our minds have snapped – that we’ve all turned to “climate denial” as a coping mechanism.
I read the article and there was no talk of snapping minds, or melting brains.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hottest July on record - global surface temperature with year to date

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According to GISS NASA, the average global surface temperature anomaly for July was 0.84 °C, which is 0.1 °C higher than the previous hottest July in 2011.

Because July is the hottest month of the year, I've seen it reported as the hottest month ever in recorded history!

The average for the seven months to the end of July is 1.06 °C, which is 0.25 °C higher than any previous January to July period. The previous highest was last year, which with the latest data had an anomaly of 0.81 °C.

There are now ten in a row of "hottest months" from October 2015 to July 2016 (that is, hottest October, hottest November etc). If we could look back over the entire Holocene, it's probably more than 7,000 years since there was a similar run of hottest months on record, that is, not since the Holocene climatic optimum (it's probably hotter now than it was back then).

Here is a chart of the average of 12 months to July each year. The 12 months to July 2016 averaged 1.02 °C above the 1951-1980 mean and was 0.21 °C hotter than the 12 months to July 2015:

Figure 1 | Global mean surface temperature anomaly for the 12 months to July each year. The base period is 1951-1980. Data source: GISS NASA

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wannabe pseudo-scientist Anthony Watts makes a flawed assessment of coastal research

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A rather ordinary pseudo-scientist (prominent in climate science denying circles) claims that the observations taken by a team of scientists at Delaware Bay must be in error. Anthony Watts, whose sole qualification in science is that he owns a "climate hoax" conspiracy blog (, claims (wrongly of course) that a paper published in Nature's Scientific Reports is fundamentally flawed (archived here).

Xiaolong Geng and Michel Boufadel,
researchers at NJIT's Center for
Natural Resources Development,
examine salinity gradients
on the Delaware Bay shore. Source: NJIT

The authors of the new paper are Xiaolong Geng, Michel C. Boufadel & Nancy L. Jackson from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (engineering and chemistry departments). They were studying subsurface water and salinity in the section of a Delaware Bay sandy beach between the low and high tide marks, known as the inter-tidal zone.

In this zone, water is trapped between the grains of sediment. This water, known as pore water, has its source from a combination of sea water washed in by the tide and groundwater. Because of the diluting effect of groundwater, it would be expected that the salinity levels of this pore water would be lower than sea water if the only mechanism operating were mixing of the water. That's not what the scientists found.