Monday, May 27, 2013

Scared of 'scary' graphics!

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Why do deniers reject climate science?

Based on this article by Anthony Watts at WUWT - it looks as if one answer is because they don't want to see 'scary' graphics.

(It's that darn conservative brain at work again!)

To save you having to go over and see what I'm talking about, here is what Anthony Watts wrote about a climate discussion on CNN:
The panelists, while on one hand saying there’s no link between tornadoes and increased CO2, on the other hand they were playing Janus and trying to convince the audience that now the weather has a new ‘personality’ while using scary and misleading graphics like this one:

Okay - it was me that bolded the 'scary' bit :D  My guess is the image was probably from the hottest year ever recorded in the USA last year - but I don't know.

Whatever - it sure is scary!

Can you cope with more scary?

Australia's angry summer - 2012-13.

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