Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kenji the Scientific Dog - Revisited

Sou | 8:38 AM Go to the first of 9 comments. Add a comment
Since Anthony has brought up the subject again, do you remember when he enrolled his dog Kenji as a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists so he could spy on their nefarious activities?

A bonus would have been that Kenji could help Tony out when he was struggling with all that scientific mumbo jumbo; not to mention help him sort through those hundreds of thousands of stolen emails.

Good doggie!  Here, have a bone.


  1. I just posted the following comment at Willard's blog to test to see the openness of the commenting system.

    Reggie, sponsored by Brawndo says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 7, 2013 at 4:01 pm
    @ Sou
    Not as good as when Watts covered for Monckton when the unfortunate lord realized he was in over his head in a debate with Peter Hadfield, turned tail and ran away like a coward.
    What was up with that?

  2. Both of our comments went down the memory hole, why am I not surprised?

  3. Yes, just happened!

    Tony's new "more open" policy didn't last long.  Now I'm back to being persona non grata :)

  4. I knew my comment was going to be DOA, Willard doesn't allow any mention of Peter Hadfield or Peter Sinclair in a positive way.

    1. His new open policy is showing signs of wear :)

  5. Let's be realistic, without the draconian moderation, Willard's motley crew of science deniers would be decimated blogging against individuals from the reality based universe.

    1. Reginald, they wouldn't think so. Have you read Bob Tisdale lately? He's convinced he's 'correct' no matter what the science is.

      And the plea for $$ for a 7 minute video is chock full of Anthony's people writing multiple long rambling diatribes calling everyone who accepts science murderers and worse.

      Then there's Anthony's fierce guard dogs, db stealey and richardscourtney to try to torment and bully the scientific riff raff away. Pretty pathetic effort but they are proud to fight the good fight!

      The 8% Dismissives live in a world of their own. They are immune to science, logic and reason.

  6. If the BabyNamesWorldParentsConnect source is correct, Kenji means "twice as correct". Regardless, I've no doubts that Kenji's twice as correct as his owner who can't be taught new tricks, endlessly recycling his old ones. "Dammit! I said,"Sit, Anthony!" not S*it!" might explain the crap that crops up all the time on WUWT.


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