Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sequel to: Anthony Watts visits Greenland and finds Airport UHI disease!

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Update - see below for Anthony Watts' acknowledgement.

Who could forget Anthony Watts finding UHI disease at Maniitsok airport in Greenland?

Greenland sets new record high temperature this year: Confirmed

Here's the sequel. From Jason Semonow, Capital Weather Gang at Washington Post:
Today, John Cappelen, senior climatologist at the Danish Meteorological Society, emailed me to let me know the record high of 25.9 C (78.6 F) set on July 30 at Maniitsoq stands.
“I have now accepted the record at Maniitsoq based on further analysis,” Cappelen said.
At issue was whether the temperature measurement, taken at an airport location, was legitimate. Artificial heat sources at airports can sometimes corrupt temperature readings.
“We were faced with two options,” Coppelen explained. “We could reject the observation, or we could approve it. If we chose to overrule it, it could be based on two things. One was a faulty sensor/station…and that was not the question – the sensor measured exactly as it should. The second was if we had suspected that extreme local conditions played their part. Here the situation is more debatable, because the station is an airport station that is not necessarily completely optimal in relation to international guidelines for climatological data measurements.”
But Coppelen said the mere fact the temperature was recorded at an airport is not a reason for it be thrown out as few existing weather observing stations in Greenland are ideally sited.
“Within the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) prescribed practices, among other things, measurements – as an example – should be taken over a short lawn,” Coppelen said. “This can be done in Denmark almost anywhere, but in Greenland almost no places.”
Coppelen concluded: “The station in Maniitsoq is within the quality frame practicable/possible for this type of meteorological measurements in Greenland, so it is approved. Alternative would be to question many observations and weather records for Greenland…it doesn’t make sense

DMI press release here.

As a reminder, I posted some suggestions for the weather station siting since Anthony Watts complained it was no good, pointing out the other suggestions were even darker, with not a lawn in sight.

Should we anticipate an article by Anthony Watts acknowledging the record temperature set at Maniitsok in Greenland this year?


Friday 13 Sept 3:39 pm: 
Anthony Watts has posted the fact that a record has been recorded in his latest WUWT Hot Sheet (archived here).  He hasn't updated his original article (archived here). H/t Thomas Murphy.

The original HotWhopper article and the follow up.


  1. Replies
    1. I have to admit, I was wrong. Watts did print an acknowledgement of this -- buried deep in his "Hot Sheet" yesterday.

    2. Yes he did. No snide remarks either.

  2. Thomas, remember that if you use the term "CAGW" you lose.


  3. Not only does TM scupper himself with his crude attempt at framing, he also exiles himself from rational discussion by implicitly denying the data. Trying to pretend that nothing essential has changed between 1915 and 2013 is more than merely daft, it is fundamentally dishonest.

    All this misrepresentation, dishonesty and data denial? Where *will* it lead?

  4. Thomas, you can use the word "catastrophic" as much as you like. As can Holdren.

    But when you use CAGW, you lose.


  5. I'd say Thomas Murphy is overly optimistic about Anthony Watts' acknowledgement.

    It's now about two days since @capitalweather tweeted the news directly to Anthony, and six other people retweeted it so Anthony would have got the message well and truly.

    Anthony watches tweets addressed to him closely. Not only that but he only follows 75 people on Twitter and @capitalweather is one of them. Also I'd expect that he reads Capital Weather Gang's blog since it was their original article that prompted him to write his UHI disease post, so I don't imagine he missed the news.

    Maybe, just like he bombed @capitalweather with tweets, he's waiting for the same in return :(

  6. Bradthing get back under your rock.

  7. cRR Kampen

    Hello again. "TM" denies being a sock of "Brad Keyes" but like you, I don't really believe him.

    He must deny this, because Sou banned "Brad Keyes" very shortly after he started trying to infest this blog.

    I suspect "TM" will evolve into a problem here because he is indeed "BK", and "BK" is a problem wherever he goes.

    We shall see.

  8. Thomas Murphy is not behaving badly like Brad Keyes did, which earned him the ban. As long as that remains the case then Thomas Murphy will be welcome here.

  9. That's... fascinating.

    And *so* like Brad. The resemblance is... unfortunate.

  10. Thanks, Thomas. Maybe he read it here first :)

  11. Please guys, there is no more need for speculation of identities.

    HotWhopper doesn't approve of "outing" guests and in this case, Thomas Murphy is who he says he is.

  12. Sou

    You cannot "out" a pseudonym!

    You should wonder why a poster here compares another to a "9/11 Truther" though. The core issue here is good faith. I don't need to say more about good faith and who demonstrates a lack of it, surely?

  13. To be absolutely clear on this, "Brad Keyes" explicitly stated on several occasions that this was a pseudonym. So rest assured, I am not trying to "out" anyone here in the sense of breaching their anonymity (a banning offence if there ever was one).

  14. That's okay, BBD. If 9/11 gets to be a problem I'll add it to the comment policy. Hopefully I won't have to.


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