Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The new Climate Council - Australians aim high!

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Almost $400,000 raised in just one day for the Climate Council - so Australians will continue to get solid information about our changing climate.

Mostly from small donations.  Australians have spoken!


It would be great to get it to $5 million.  That would help set it up properly for the longer term.


  1. I happily chipped in yesterday, but eve I am flabbergasted that the response has been so good. It just goes to show how much Australians are in support of climate action, even though there are many in the electorate who couldn't understand the significance of what they were voting away.

    My big concern though is that the Coalition will take this as an indication that many other environmental initiatives can be defunded because the community will pick them up. Well, if they try that they should also stop paying the hugely generous salaries and superannuations/privileges that former politicians enjoy - after all I'm sure that big industry groups would be happy to pick up that tab too...

    Actually that's a scary thought - I suspect that big idustry would happily pay politicians' salaries, because it would give them unfettered power to restructure the country's economic structure. Best not to suggest that at all...

    Bernard J.

    1. Bernard, while I share your concerns, I'm preferring to think that this will give Hunt, Abbott and co. pause when they contemplate the scale of the pushback they might yet expect in pursuing Stupid policies.

      I can easily imagine this lot alienating all but the most extreme cornucopians and science rejectionists in the Australian intelligentsia. And Australia's middle class in the process. Very few indeed actually want to see Science closed down, the ABC and CSIRO gutted, the Reef trashed, and King Coal and Queen Frack allowed to run amok with impunity, despite the 'mandate! mandate!' imbecilities of our caricature 2 party system.

      Playing at being the Tea Party with a Stalinist closing down of inconvenient science and criminalizing opposition may appeal to the liber-cornutards (ironically!) and some of the more unpleasant 'anti-Elitist' (but we love billionaires!) disaffected Labor voters, but it's going to horrify everyone else...

      Politicians could be made to wear sponsor badges like footy players do. Can't you just see Abbott's manly pectoral emblazoned with 'Foxtel' and 'Australian Coal Association'?


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