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IPCC: reaction from fake sceptics. Another "science is wrong because they got tired" protest from WUWT!

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Anthony Watts' biggest protest at the new AR5 IPCC Summary for Policy Makers is his repetition of two tweets from the Vice-chair of the IPCC.  At the IPCC meeting this week, scientists were working around the clock to make sure the Summary for Policy Makers was finished on schedule.  Anthony Watts sez that means "all the world's top scientists are wrong" or similar.

Nowhere does he mention the 9,000 plus scientific papers that formed the basis of this latest report.  He is not very interested in what the science finds.  He is much more concerned to try to keep up his end of his bargain to be a Merchant of Doubt.

Anthony's dismally weak protests at this latest and most rigorous compilation of climate science so far consists of his own assertion that they "blew it", without saying why or how he thinks they "blew it" except maybe for this list of non-bulleted bullet points in his sticky post (archived here):
  • two tweets from the IPCC Vice-Chair sending then apologising for and correcting a mis-typed link,
  • the fact that the IPCC report did not specify a best estimate for climate sensitivity,
  • a denialist blogger writing that the AR5 report didn't say what he wanted - a line by line comparison with AR4 (maybe he can do one, using this article to help him)
  • various other denialist bloggers like Donna Laframboise and Judith Curry hand-waving vagueness without any substance at all
  • still other deniers like Perennially Puzzled Bob Tisdale telling big fat lies about climate models
  • meaningless comments from WUWT readers, eg "Let’s all hope this is the last IPCC report. There is nothing useful here."
  • Denialist duo Pat 'n Chip boasting they will be denying science in every right wing rag that will publish their rubbish
  • An opinion piece on FoxNews.com by another denier who I haven't heard of before, Marlo Lewis and who is probably this Marlo Lewis, The Dirty Energy Industry’s Best Friend, from the pro-tobacco anti-science lobby group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
  • A weak protest from blogging denialist scientist Roy Spencer
  • A strongly worded emotional article, devoid of facts, from another science-denying blogger Pierre "ice age" Gosselin.

What the science says and what it means for society

Anthony did decide to cover other bases by providing links to articles that explain the science or take it further, such as:

From the WUWT comments

None of the 239 commenters have pointed to any error in the science, but they sure don't like what they read (or probably for the most part haven't read).  They are as "all over the place" as Anthony Watts and other fake sceptics.  There's a new commenter called Grey Oz who's so far been allowed to comment about the science - so that the WUWT lynch mob have someone to attack, no doubt. (Comments are archived here with the main WUWT article.)

Other_Andy says:
September 27, 2013 at 10:16 pm
Burning fossil fuels creates C02. Increasing C02 in an atmosphere traps in heat. No scientists dispute this. It is the increasing heat, i.e., temperature that will make the environment inhospitable to life on Earth.”
And that’s why planet Earth burned to a crisp during the Late Ordovician Period when CO2 concentrations were nearly 12 times higher than today.
We are now living in Oz’ alternate universe.

Actually it was most probably a glacial event that played a big role in part of the second biggest extinction in the history of earth at the end of the Ordovician period.  From Wikipedia "a significant and rapid draw down of CO2...coincided with a rapid and short ice age".

RACookPE1978 subscribes to the world's most improbable and impossible paranoid conspiracy theory and says:
September 27, 2013 at 5:40 pm
Grey Oz says: September 27, 2013 at 4:55 pm …. And if it’s so debunked, why aren’t the world’s scientists on it?
Because the world’s climate so-called scientists are being paid billions of dollars to make CO2 and CAGW the propaganda campaign that it started as, stayed, and will likely remain until those so-called scientists stop denying the science and the measurements. Governments program their money to support the agencies and the scientists and the research that will provide those governments the answers they want and the taxes they are desperate for.

fobdangerclose might be a Poe or trying for the "Guinnes Book of dumb" (sic) or might be a sign of WUWT to come when he says:
September 27, 2013 at 5:22 pm
We have a 70% chance for rain tomorrow, 90% Sat. nite and Sunday. So had to take off a few and get all the epuipment in out of the dreaded CO2 and acid rain that Al Gore makes when he sweats to much. Now that I am back and have reviewed Grey Oz’s post it seems he came here to get baned and make screen shots of said baning to use aginst this blog. It can not be that any one is this uninformed. So be careful of this one. Now if it is this dumb it may set a record for the Guinnes Book of dumb.

Maybe it is a sign of the future quality of WUWT - here is another of similar "mindless ignorant" quality from tonys who says:
September 27, 2013 at 4:03 pm
greyoz..dead parrot squawking..greenhouse effect,the cornerstone of the IPCC’S CONJECTURE IS FICTION..as it violates 2 nd L.O.T….a cold upper atmosphere cannot transfer heat to a lower warmer one…also c02 is not pollution,,there is no problem to solve or money to spend
billions spent…nothing to show and you squawk about “doing something”
yet ,real people ,crying out for help with food/shelter/homes..
are bypassed and the money handed out for more research…more whatever
mindless ignorant..are you able to think for yourself?

WUWT deniers prediction: John Cook will become the Chair of the IPCC

Eugene WR Gallun holds SkepticalScience's John Cook in very high regard, he says:
September 27, 2013 at 4:58 pm
i read somewhere that Pachauri will soon leave his position as head of the IPCC. Dishonest yes, but Pachauri is no fool. The jig is up and he knows it. He is looking for a soft landing.
To accomplish that, before he goes, he will have to set someone up as his “fall guy” — someone to take over as head of the IPCC who will be so loud mouthed and obtusely committed to ACGW (not to mention “serially dishonest”) that he will become the center of all attention and Pachauri can, like an old soldier, “just fade away”.
The ideal person who meets Pachauri’s needs comes to mind immediately — John Cook-The-Books of Skeptical Science. Can anyone think of a more appropriate person to head the IPCC than John Cook-The-Books? And dimwit that he is John Cook-The-Books will think he is being honored.
Eugene WR Gallun

He's not the only one.  Billy Liar says:
September 27, 2013 at 10:07 am
I predict that AR6 will find the IPCC, led by Professor John Cook, is 97% confident that climate change is caused by humans..

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