Friday, September 20, 2013

WUWT, Heartland Institute and CFACT advocate global suicide by CO2

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Anti-science blogger Anthony Watts didn't write much on the Not the IPCC report himself.  He put up an article by Steve "mad, mad, mad" Goreham before it was released.  He mentioned it in one of his hot sheet postings and now he's put up some nonsense by someone called Paul Driessen, who is a senior policy adviser for CFACT and, from what I read is a lobbyist for various similar organisations that are part of the "destroy the environment" movement.  (Archived here for posterity, but it's not worth reading.)

Science deniers and disinformers are splitting into two main factions.  There are those like Heartland Institute who've chosen to act like lunatics, saying they aren't satisfied with doubling CO2, now they want to shoot for more, advocating 800 ppm.   They are the ones who think Ross McKitrick's recent fiasco is "brilliant".

Then there are the ones who are admitting the world is warming but have shifted to trying to argue that we shouldn't try to prevent worse and more frequent floods, catastrophic wildfires, sea level rises of up to a meter this century, killer heatwaves and extended drought.

Anthony Watts is doing the splits, trying to keep one leg in both camps.  This time he's promoting global suicide by speeding up CO2 emissions.

Some of the regulars at WUWT think Heartland Institute has gone too far, pointing out that it is wrong and that, for example, the earth has indeed got warmer in the past 17 years; and that the Arctic sea ice is not recovering.

The most recent report is just as silly as all the other reports. Is it any wonder that, as Paul Driessen moans:
...the “mainstream” media and climate alarm industry have no interest in reading the report, debating its contents or even letting people know it exists.
Click here to read the main points listed in the NIPCC report to find out why.  If it were to get any airplay it would be along the lines of "what a bumbling pile of stupidity".

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