Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Popularity" of IPCC report on climate change

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One of the arguments put up by science deniers is that "no-one cares".  For example on WUWT today (archived here) M Courtney says:
September 27, 2013 at 5:19 am
Pointman’s comment was interesting. I looked at the BBC News website for their post Most Popular news stories at 13:13 today. The end of the world was only number 6.
1: Kanye West angry at Radio 1 parody
2: Goodbye, US passport
3: Two plead not guilty to Rigby murder
4: The man who may have saved the world
5: Cameron says no to Salmond TV debate
6: Global warming now ‘unequivocal’
7: Spain to consider time zone change
8: Quiz of the week’s news
9: Is Breaking Bad’s Walter White one of TV’s truly evil characters?
10: New Syria chemical attacks probed
No-one cares anymore…

Here is the "popularity" or prominence now on various news sites:

BBC most shared items:

The IPCC report is the second most shared item, but only the fifth most read (so far).

I couldn't find a "most read" but the IPCC report is ranked No. 1 of its Top Stories, with the early start to the fire season in NSW ranked No. 6. (Click image for larger view.)

UK Telegraph

The actual news item is Ranked No. 1 in the Most Viewed, while Delingpole's denial is the Most Commented.

The Age, Australia

The IPCC reports are the top four most popular items in the Melbourne Age.

Wall Street Journal

The IPCC report ranks as the fourth most popular item in the WSJ.

The New York Times
Justin Gillis' article is on page 1 today, but doesn't make the grade (yet) in terms of popularity.

The Mail - home of tabloid writer David Rose:
Contrast the above with the most read items at the home of denialist David Rose.  Today's science denier for the Mail is Ellie Zolfagharifard, with an article playing down and misrepresenting the IPCC report.


  1. There you go again with the facts. Always with the facts. when will you understand that WUWT isn't about facts, it's about feelings. They FEEL something is true, and that's good enough.

  2. I read elsewhere that the Daily Fail led off with a story about topless feminists.

    It takes a tabloid!


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