Monday, August 26, 2013

Vendettas and denial on WUWT

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Not much happening on WUWT in the past couple of days.  Here's a a rundown on a couple of articles.

Vendetta still being waged

Jim Steele, who I've written about before here and here, continued his lone vendetta against a biologist who he has a grudge against, using WUWT to do it (and to try to get someone to buy his book).  From those previous articles he has no credibility left and I'll not bother with him any further.

Global warming is real

justhefactswuwt and/or werner brozek put up a noisy monthly chart of RSS global temperatures starting at 1997 and says, look, no warming for 200 months.  Then proceeds to work out for how long there has been "no warming" by plotting monthly charts of different data sets - saying 23 years, 18 years etc.  Here's a long term chart from GISTemp, which makes their efforts to deny global warming look silly:

Data source: NASA

Fake sceptics go to an awful lot of trouble in their attempts to disprove global warming.  If only they put as much effort into figuring out how to address the problem.

Here is the RSS chart. It registered a very high anomaly for 1998, the year of the super El Niño.  What will happen the next time we get a super El Niño?

Data Source: RSS

Here is a decadal chart of RSS temperature anomalies.  The first and last decade are, of course, incomplete.

Data Source: RSS

What do you think?  Climate trends are much easier to see in years than in months, because months clog up the data with seasonal fluctuations and noise. Longer term climate trends are even easier to see in decades, because years have noise from year to year natural fluctuations, like ENSO.

Bear in mind, too, that RSS doesn't monitor temperatures right to the top of the poles.  It only goes as high as 82.5 degrees North and South.  So it misses out on some of the Arctic amplification.  Here is GISTemp showing also the temperature 64 degrees and north (the Arctic).

Data source: NASA

From the WUWT comments, lsvalgaard says:
August 25, 2013 at 10:06 am  RSS Flat For 200 Months (Now Includes July Data)
Thus no global cooling…

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