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Update: see below - Anthony fell for Russell's trick (like me) and has been goaded into completing the censor circle!  Ha ha - good one, Russell!

On WUWT today, Roger Pielke Sr bemoans as "limiting scientific debate" a decision by AGU to not publish what he refers to as his "minority statement" on global warming.

Dr Pielke tells us that AGU did publish his comment on the AGU policy statement on global warming in EOS, and AGU did provide a link in EOS to his alternative statement published elsewhere, so he's really just nitpicking details.

The WUWT mob denounce it as "censorship" and "gatekeeping".  So when I read this comment with some of it censored by WUWT gatekeepers, I thought, "how ironic"!

Source: WUWT

Snipped! What can one say?

The only other thing I can say is that I can't take you to the AGU policy statement on climate change.  I used to be able to.  Today, no matter how I try, whether through Google, the AGU website itself or via links from other websites like  Rabett Run and the Yale Forum, all that happens is I get redirected to a seemingly irrelevant Wiley On-line page.


Ha ha - there's a postscript to this.  Russell apparently wrote "(SNIP)" himself.  Anthony doesn't take kindly to the joke and bans him, completing the censor circle!

Russell says:
August 23, 2013 at 10:57 pm Though WUWT is at liberty to call blacklisting whitelisting, it invites cognitive dissonance when what is read contrasts so vibrantly with its erstwhile site policy:
“Trolls, flame-bait, personal attacks, thread-jacking, sockpuppetry, name-calling such as “denialist,” “denier,” and other detritus that add nothing to further the discussion may get deleted;
Internet phantoms who have cryptic handles, no name, and no real email address get no respect here. If you think your opinion or idea is important, elevate your status by being open and honest. People that use their real name get more respect than phantoms with handles. I encourage open discussion.” – Anthont Watts
As the subject is consorship, it is noteworthy that we have just seen a comment denying WUWT’s censorship endorsed by a censor whom Tony also suffers to maintain a sockpuppet on the site– ‘Smokey ‘ and dbstealey are one and the same.
The hypocrisy, it amuses .
REPLY: And yet here you are. D.B. Stealey the moderator is right out in the open Dr. Seitz. We find your vain attempts at playing a professional also amusing.
And Dr. Seitz, you are a liar, and a bad one at that. You put that (SNIP) in the comment yourself just so you could make a false claim, the thing is though, servers keep logs and copies, and your comment had that in there in the beginning. You weren’t even smart enough to mimic moderator signatures with your deception. Here is a screencap I made shortly after your comment showed up, since I knew you’d pull this stunt. Note the “cleared by Akismet” that means no moderator touched it, aka it was whitelisted and showed up just as you typed it. Otherwise it would have an “approved” time stamp. That’s inserted by wordpress.com and I have no control over it.
So, since you are making things up, and lying about it, kindly take permanent leave from here. – Now run along and photoshop some juvenile ugliness as you are known to do on a regular basis. Do be careful though, since you are using your Harvard email address, network IP, and server for your harangues, I’m not sure that they’ll appreciate that per the Harvard Network AUP.
Now you can say you aren’t whitelisted here sir.

The only surprise is that Anthony blocked out the email address.  I guess he figured he gave enough clues to set his dogs on the scent!

PS I wonder who is the "anonymous coward" of a moderator who hides behind the handle "Akismet"?

PPS Not a single commenter so far has noticed that the policy statement is unavailable.  Shows how much they check stuff out!

PPPS I and HotWhopper have been elevated to "notorious" :)  Nice to know Anthony Watts reads my blog!  Wonder if that is why we haven't heard too much more like "OMG it's insects" lately?  WUWT has been getting rather tame these past few weeks :(  Not getting as hysterical or barking mad quite as often.
REPLY: Russell Seitz of Harvard (who has previously identified himself here) runs one of WUWT’s blog spawn websites – what’s interesting is that he put the (SNIP) in there, that isn’t a moderator signature and there is no record of any moderator interaction with this comment. Looks like the notorious “Sou” at “hotwhopper” fell for the Seitz trick. LOL! – Anthony

PPPPS Looks like I've been "outed" too.  Perhaps by my old buddies who manage HotCopper.  Anthony thinks this was being too "nasty" for the polite folk at WUWT.  Ah well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I'm sure I can find him a more flattering photo though :(


  1. How bizarre that the AGU policy statement has been redirected. I tweeted this to @AGUSciPolicy and webcited the address.

    1. I expect the webmaster is off for the weekend so it won't be fixed till next week.

      The link to the pdf global warming position statement and to all AGU position statements is redirected from AGU's website to the Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. I don't imagine it has much if anything to do with AGU position statements.

  2. Looks like the entire AGU website is being redirected. Very odd...

  3. Pielke Sr moans about others not taking Pielke Sr as serious as Pielke Sr thinks Pielke Sr should be taken. After all, Pielke Sr thinks Pielke Sr has touched upon THE reason for global warming, which is land-use changes that miraculously also warm the ocean!

    Did I cite Pielke Sr enough?


    P.S.: for those not getting that last point, find two Pielke Sr papers and count the number of self-citations

    1. Ah yes. Classic Michael Tobis:

      Pielkes all the Way Down

      Well worth the read again. Thanks for the reminder, guys.


  4. akismet? that's the internal spam-filter from wordpress.

    1. I see - it's automatic. An anonymous coward of an anonymous spam filter. You can't get much more anonymous that that - lol >:-0

  5. Sou, I have a request. If you get any nasty e-mails, being outed and all that, put them up here with all identifying information (IP number and such). There will be some that hide their identity well, but some just can't and want to be nasty anyway.

    Be unlike the others who just put the e-mail up without the identifying information. Shame these people in public. Allow others to check whether their commenters are the same as those who sent the e-mails to you.


    1. I appreciate the sentiment, Marco, but I don't expect any nasty emails. I've had an email address here for ages and only ever had welcome and friendly emails from people with widely different perspectives and viewpoints about climate and the science (from accept it to reject it). I'm not sure that I'd take any notice if I got a nasty one.

      Anyone who wants to comment is welcome here, provided they don't infringe the comment policy - which is very liberal. Much more so than the written and unwritten policies in some other places :~)

  6. The self-regard for Smokey/dbstealey being out in the open is TOO funny. The only reason that Smokey is no longer posing as an ordinary poster while his alter ego dbs the moderator gave him an easy ride is because he inadvertently left a link to a gravatar linking his two identities ...

    More Wattsian hypocrisy ...


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