Saturday, August 17, 2013

Don't tell us about global warming, it's bad for my business, sez Anthony Watts

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Don't tell the world we're ruining it with global warming.  Don't warn anyone we're heading for big trouble.  - sez Anthony Watts, staunch advocate for the scientific illiterati!

Then Anthony mutters under his breath: I hate it when scientists speak about climate, it makes me look like crazy protester, a dumbo, a buffoon, a bully, a perv, a hypocrite and a big fat liar.  And it muddies the WUWT message.

Data Sources: Cook et al 2013 and WUWT

Planet Earth's Consensus on Climate Change
Data sources: NASA GISTempNODC/NOAA Ocean HeatU Colorado sea levelPIOMAS Arctic Ice


Anonymous said...

Funny that Willard and his zombie army are so fond of squeaking "ad hom" every time they see an insult. If they wanted to know what "ad hom" really was, they'd only need a mirror:

"Your data is invalid because I don't like your conclusions."
Ad hominem, ur doin it right.


Phil Clarke said...

When the you're the keeper of a major dataset weather station siting, advocacy tarnishes the validity of it