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A contrarian teddy bears' picnic at WUWT - do science deniers believe in lizard men, too? (Yes, close enough anyway!)

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Who to believe?  A teddy bear ...


                ...or climate scientists?

The rhetoric is ramping up everywhere.  Here we recently discussed language used to illustrate the impact of global warming.  To even things up let's consider the language used to illustrate denial of global warming. Today on WUWT, Anthony Watts has put up an article by David "funny sunny" Archibald.  This is how it went.

Google earned "a place in the deepest circle of Hell" with a capital H for siding with the "forces of darkness": that is, for siding with modern science

According to David Archibald on WUWT, Google sided with the "forces of evil" and belongs in hell, because it made some effort to help communicate climate science.  David wrote:
Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil”. Well, a couple of years ago Google had sided with the forces of darkness in the global warming battle – a position that when their lives are weighed in the balance would earn them a place in the deepest circle of Hell.

Scientists are Google's "foot soldiers in propaganda"

Google pulled together a team of scientists and science communicators, mainly from the earth systems and life sciences, in Google's words, to:
help foster a more open, transparent and accessible scientific dialogue.   This effort seeks to empower scientists to use information technology, new media, and systems and computational thinking to engage the public in science.
David Archibald refers to these scientists from places like Stanford University and elsewhere, as "foot soldiers' in propaganda.

Women who accept climate science are "ignorant sluts"

There's more besides.  David Archibald apparently gets his understanding of climate science from a teddy bear cartoon on youtube.  One important bit, he tells his readers at WUWT, is that he learnt from the cartoon teddy bear that women who accept that adding CO2 to the air causes global warming are "ignorant sluts".  I guess you can learn or unlearn something every day.

Looking for the jaw of the orangutan

David passes on a hope expressed by the cartoon teddy bear.  David writes:
At the end he notes that it took 40 years for the Piltdown Hoax to be shown to be based on the jaw of an orangutan and he hopes that it doesn’t take 40 years for the global warming hoax to be shown to be based on the jawbones of asses.
He's giving it forty more years, eh?  Nearly two hundred years have elapsed since Joseph Fourier first wrote about the atmosphere and climate. Almost 150 years have passed since Tyndall, 117 years since Arrhenius, more than 70 years since Callendar, nearly 60 years since Plass, half a century since Revelle advised President Johnson, and more than thirty years since the creation of the IPCC.

For decades there have been a small number of contrarian scientists trying to prove that CO2 has little or no impact on climate without success.  Instead mainstream scientists are discovering more and more about the changes we are causing.  Nevertheless, David is still optimistic that someone somewhere will one day overturn a substantial portion of physics, chemistry and biology.

What other weird ideas do science deniers hold dear?

Fake sceptics still haven't come anywhere close to exposing what they think of as a gigantic "hoax" that can be traced back at least as far as the early 1800s.   But David is still convinced it's all a hoax and the work of the devil.  And to think that science deniers think Professor Lewandowsky's findings were wide of the mark.  As far as conspiracy ideation goes, you'd think it's hard to better David Archibald's idea.   It beats NASA faked the moon landing by a long way.  It's probably on par with the idea that lizard men rule the world or that earth sprang out of nothingness 6,000 years ago.  (Maybe someone will ask him what he thinks about those ones.)  However, David's not the only one who has crazy notions - see the WUWT comments below.

David Archibald's "funny sunny" prediction

As a reminder - this is David Archibald's prediction for the near future, seven years from now.

Conspiracies galore from the WUWT comments

A few people pointed out to David that the teddy bear cartoon wasn't made by Google.  That youtube alerted him to it based on his browsing history.  However there were some choice comments in the mix:

General P. Malaise is fairly sure about who is a member of the circle of hell and says:
August 17, 2013 at 3:20 am  when pigs fly Smithers.  google is and will remain on the side of evil. don’t be an ignorante they are in obamas circle of hell. THAT is the centre one.

DirkH might not be familiar with the circle of hell, but he does know who is employed by the National Security Agency.  And be careful of those white "earplugs" - the NSA is spying on you :D. DirkH says:
August 17, 2013 at 3:45 am  Google is the NSA. Eric Schmidt had a number of mistresses over the years while being married all the time. He doesn’t want anyone to know. But he wants to know everything about all of us. From the moment I heard their motto “Don’t be evil” I was certain they are absolutely unscrupulous in their zeal to destroy privacy. I’m funny in that regard; marketing slogans have the opposite effect on me. Remember Steve Jobs, another NSA guy, with his slogan “Think different”? And then everyone runs around with the exact same white earplugs. (Not me. I use Sennheisers.)

kadaka (KD Knoebel) invokes scientology, Tom Cruise and his belt buckle :), Area 51, Nevada, New Mexico, satellites and the Daily Mail and says:
August 17, 2013 at 4:54 am And within a day of the published (and accidental?) admission of the existence of Area 51, sans admission of non-human aliens, we have the first-ever exclusive publishing of new detailed aerial photos of “Scientology’s ‘alien space cathedral and spaceship landing pad’ built in the New Mexico desert”.  Quick, save your own copies of the photos before the Scientology elites force the Daily Mail to take them down. If they don’t, Tom Cruise will infiltrate, wipe clean the servers and destroy the back-ups, and escape into the night using the rocket pack that’s disguised as his belt buckle.  When mere civilians have increasing access to high-resolution satellite imagery, do their own high-altitude surveillance with a weather balloon and an iPhone, when ANYTHING on the surface is about to be in full continuous view of ANYONE ANYTIME thus continued photographic obscurity would have become impossible, “revelations” about Area 51 in Nevada and Scientology’s spaceport in New Mexico, in essentially the same spot global-wise, are made public just a day apart.
Coincidence? You decide.

Alberta Slim doesn't trust anyone anymore.  They are all in on the hoax.  Alberta says:
August 17, 2013 at 4:56 am  The heads of Google, Microsoft, and Apple are, supposed to be brillant when it comes to logic. So why do the believe in CAGW? It seems unlikely to be ignorance, so it must be dishonesty. IMO.  BTW: I quit useing “Google News” as my home page because of their persistent posting of “Warmist” articles. …. Dying polar bears etc……

Martin Lewitt shows proof that Google is on the side of the dark forces and says:
August 17, 2013 at 3:47 am  wattsupwiththat.com does not appear until page 5 of a “global warming” google. Nuf said.

Yeah, 'nuff said :D


  1. Try looking at some of the other videos uploaded by MrJacktemplar. Lewandowsky confirmed, I think.

    1. Not sure which is weirder. Turning to teddy bears to learn about climate science (denial) or some of the crazy conspiracy theories people come up with.

      The NSA is tuning into your brain waves through Apples' earphones?

    2. KR

      What a collection! An old Rothchilds movie, multiple 'chemtrail' videos, a fine selection on the NWO (New World Order) without considering it as a basic conspiracy theory, many selections discussing how the police are out to get him - excellent source material.

      Excellent source material, that is, for a psychological examination of conspiracy theorists - but pretty worthless as source material for discussing climate science. The use of that material doesn't speak well for David Archibald, not at all.

  2. The lunacy - and sexism - is always there, along with the projection, dishonest framing, data denial, profound paranoia and utter chippiness of the Watties. Dear God what a spectacle.

  3. Sou, I am sorry, I did not believe you and checked whether these comments really exist. And they do!! I even checked the URL to see if you send me to a fake WUWT site, but it is the real WUWT.

    There a beautiful new ones too.
    DirkH says: Notice that they [Google News] push HuffPo all the time but never WUWT. HuffPo, PBS, BBC, NYT,TIME,NatGeo, USA Today… The globalist leftist worldview in a nutshell… what’s not to like; evil has to have SOME central.

    They could still be agents provocateurs. But at least DirkH is a WUWT regular, so then he should soon complain that someone hijacked his nick.

    1. I have made a copy on my hard disk.

    2. I made a webcite earlier. Managed to catch that one of DirkH's in it. You never know when Anthony will decide he's encouraged too much nuttery and delete the whole thing. He's done it before.

      You've got to wonder how DirkH regards socialist and communist media. And what he would regard as extreme right wing media? Would it even exist in his world? Maybe he thinks everything to the right of Canada Free Press is mainstream media and there is no such thing as "extreme right".

  4. I loved the comment about Google Earth showing more deforestation than was seen from a commercial flight and so was clearly a fix

  5. rebuttal to teddy bear video with a teddy bear...doubt the wuwt crowd will notice:


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