Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who can beat the WUWT HAARP conspiracy theories?

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Anthony Watts blogs on WUWT that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) shut its gates last May, mainly for budget reasons.  One of the reasons given was that the diesel engines that power the facility don't comply with the Clean Air regulations.  Whoever made the decision figured it would cost too much to upgrade them, according to this website.  And even on that website it doesn't look as if the decision is final yet.

I couldn't find any other information so I can't confirm the story one way or another.

No HAARP Discussions on WUWT

Whatever.  On WUWT, despite the fact that Anthony's article was about HAARP and comments were open, the mods didn't want any discussion of HAARP, saying it's against WUWT site policy.

Philip Bradley says:
July 16, 2013 at 2:48 pm  Google ‘weather modification’. You will get lots of HAARP weather conspiracy sites.
[Reply: yes, but please, we don't want to get into HAARP discussions. — mod.]

Bill Jamison says:
July 16, 2013 at 5:19 pm  Shutting down HAARP won’t shut down the conspiracy nuts. They’ll simply claim that it wasn’t really shut down.
Are there any published science papers based on HAARP research?
[Per site Policy, please do not discuss HAARP. Thanks. — mod.]

Ryan says:
July 16, 2013 at 5:50 pm  I find the HAARP conspiracy preposterous, but not as preposterous as the idea that climate science is all fake.
[Per site Policy, please do not discuss HAARP. Thanks. — mod.]

WUWT HAARP Conspiracies

Nevertheless, the article brought out a couple of conspiracy nutters or people doing a good imitation :D

HalfEmpty says:
July 16, 2013 at 3:09 pm  Closed? Sure. That’s what they say.

kramer says:
Report to Congress Calls for Wide Research Program on Causes of Weather
New York Times, Feb 19, 1966, pg 29
In submitting the report to Congress the president said that “highly encouraging steps are being taken toward establishing safe and effective programs from modifying the weather.” “We can now begin to see the day,” he said “when such programs may become operationally feasible.”

A broad-based national program of weather modification, the foundation’s report said, should include research and dispersion of fogs, cloud seeding for rain, suppression of hail, changing the course and nature of hurricanes, redirecting the paths of storms towards drought areas and increasing precipitation from summer showers and thunderstorms.

Michael says:
July 16, 2013 at 9:47 pm  There have been at least two more larger sites built in the United States. There are C.I.A. controlled sites also in other countries. The facility in Alaska attracted too much attention, especially after the attack on New Orleans was exposed.

The top WUWT entry is probably this one from David, who says:


  1. Oh, best not haarp on about it...

  2. We know the real reason you're not allowed to mention it at Willard T's is because Prof Lewandowky is watching.

    The idea that people who take quite seriously the notion that Barack Obama is a Socialist and hold that climate scientists are almost universally Marxist Millenarians (except the good ones who work for the Tobacco Lobby!) should then believe themselves separate from 'true' fruitcakes is, of course, quite charming...

    1. Is that it, bill? Are you sure? I figured it was fear that the FBI, the CIA and the NSA plus several black ops and shadow agencies were filtering every comment on WUWT ready to pounce and send people to FEMA re-education camps at the very least.

      I've noticed a couple of people have gone missing from WUWT lately. Could it be...???

  3. Gosh, now you are making me read the comments.

    gI bet Good imitation of a nutter (tongue in cheek).
    "Closed? Sure. That’s what they say."

    The CIA guy may be a nutter, but partially correct:
    There are other ionosphere heating facilities in the world.

  4. Sorry, but, yes, lame.

    Any good conspiracy theory certainly has to include LA21*, the Masons, make some reference to Bilderberg (though there'll be no understanding of what it actually is), express considerable anxiety as to the level of purity of the globe's stocks of gold bullion, and, preferably, include Prince Phillip.

    Just another day at Jo Nova's, then.

    Speaking of which, 'David' gets the most points for suggesting that the whole notion of a 'Conspiracy Theory' is, in itself, a tool of the conspiracy.

    And he gets a bonus for references to 'The Bankers', a convenient and frequently used code in certain circles...

    I'm also disappointed there was no reference to fluoride in the water supply or dental amalgam.

    And, ultimately, any truly demented rant requires references to CO2 being 'invisible' 'weightless'(!) and 'odourless' and thereby unable to be traded.

    *a bunch of fluffy, 'wouldn't it be nice if' light-green do-gooders I actually have direct experience of through my work; crediting them as agents of the Global Communist Conspiracy is rather akin to believing that Meals on Wheels is an arm of the NSA, or that public libraries are a plot to undermine the free market in books and foster dependence on the state (a position I imagined as parody, but doubtlessly there must be lunar-Right libertarians who think so.)

    1. You forgot Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is always involved in these sorts of things, you know.

    2. LA21 is 'Local Agenda 21', Rattus ('see, they're everywhere!').

      I work for a council in revegetation, and I've encountered a bit of the program's promotional material in the past. It's all Very Nice, and the capitals are no accident. And about as threatening as sago pudding...

    3. Rattus, if you want Agenda 21, go no further than the LNP convention where they allegedly passed a motion calling on the party not to engage in any activity that could be construed as falling in line with Agenda 21..and they want our vote at the next election

  5. you mean Meals on Wheels is not arm of the NSA? I though they put microphones in the lunches.


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