Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WUWT comes right out and says "We Aren't Interested" in facts

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WUWT published an article yesterday by Matt Ridley in which he writes all sorts of wrong things.  An example: he calls Bob Carter a "paleo-climatologist" when he isn't (although he has misrepresented himself as an "expert witness" on numerous occasions).  In recent years Carter has shifted away from marine geology to being a professional climate science denier, publishing mostly in the magazine "Quadrant" and on retainer to the Heartland Institute as an Expert Denier. (Quadrant is a right wing political magazine, at times indistinguishable from The Onion.)

At one point in his article, Matt Ridley wrote:
Two Greek scientists recently calculated that for 67 per cent of 181 globally distributed weather stations they examined, adjustments had raised the temperature trend, so they almost halved their estimate of the actual warming that happened in the later 20th century.

A scientist and expert on the topic, Dr Victor Venema knew to what Ridley was referring and knew that the statement was misleading.  However this is what happened on WUWT when he made a comment to direct people to find out the facts and why these scientists were wrong:

WUWT isn't interested in facts, only in disinformation.  Yes, we all knew that already.  But it's good of WUWT to remind its readers of that fact from time to time.

Readers here can get the inside story from an expert on the topic.

Disinformation piled onto disinformation

There is more to the story of course.  The Ridley article on WUWT is promoting a book by Bob Carter, which Ridley indicates is filled with disinformation, using an article by Matt Ridley that is filled with disinformation on a website that is devoted to disinformation about climate.  It is so devoted to disinformation that its owner doesn't even disguise the fact and writes bald-faced lies.  He publishes articles that are so stupid one wonders if they are satire.  And the blog owner, Anthony Watts, bans people for pointing to his double standards.

Anyone who tries to point WUWT readers to facts risks getting their comment snipped and eventually banned.  I guess when one supplements their taxpayer-funded superannuation by peddling disinformation, and then gets a free promo on a disinformation blog, then one expects to be protected by the disinformation blog owner:

Whatever Ryan said was snipped by Anthony Watts:
July 15, 2013 at 6:40 am  ...
Dr. Carter puts his life work, name, and reputation on the line while you take pot shots from the comfort of anonymity. If you want to to make criticisms like that, you are welcome to do so, but have the courage to put your own name on on the or STFU. Feel free to be as upset as you wish – Anthony Watts

You think Bob Carter still cares about his reputation among scientists? Not on your life. He sold his soul to the disinformation brigade quite some time ago.

Hat tip to BBD in the comments on a related article.


  1. Anthony Watts illustrates the adage that, eventually, all denialists become parodies of themselves.

  2. And there is even more wrong about Ridley's guest post.

    Also the opinion of Ed Hawkin is misrepresented imho.

    As you kindly linked to my post and many people read it, I have updated it explaining this problem as well.

    1. Ridley's article was so riddled (sic) with errors it is easier to just say it's all wrong from start to finish. He's dived into the denialist camp head first.

      I'm glad you are able to pinpoint some of the errors, Victor, and explain why and how he is misrepresenting things.

  3. LOL! We aren't interested in your slanted opinion... we have all the slanted opinions we need, right here.

    1. I notice you follow Climate Depot where they are not afraid to wear the label denier. Victor's comment was at Watts Up With That where they proudly proclaim they are skeptics. A skeptic is interested in other points of view so that they can check their own. This site, Hot Whopper, is slanted. Slanted towards evidence and observation, truth as best we can make it out rather than pure opinion or prejudice. If you took the time to read the articles and comments perhaps you might learn something, as I have on many occasions.

    2. Phil was using sarcasm, Catmando. Maybe you are too?

      He follows the excellent parody site Denial Depot, not Climate Depot :D

      (We must be due for another gem from Inferno. It's been seven months...)

    3. That's a Duh from me then. I got it wrong. No excuses. Sorry Phil, sorry Sou, sorry anyone else that reads my comment. I shall let me stupidity remain on view.

    4. Don't be embarrassed, Catmando. You're not the first and I doubt will be the last to make a mistake about a HotWhopper guest (or DenialDepot).

      It's entirely my fault for leading with snark :)

    5. I'm not too embarrassed (certainly not Stuart Broad style should be ashamed level). Had my snarkometer turned off.


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