Saturday, July 6, 2013

RIP trusty laptop

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Yesterday morning my laptop died.  It just died.  No warning at all.  I think the hard drive is okay but I'm away at the moment so I won't know for some time.  I normally do backups to a NAS but being away I wasn't able to do that and foolishly didn't bother with blog files.  Thankfully I have been backing up all the files from my day job.  The one that pays the bills :)

What it means is that I've lost a whole heap of climate spreadsheets.  So be patient as I recreate them over the next few days.  It hasn't helped that I'm tied up all weekend at a workshop.

One thing, to bear in mind if such a calamity should befall any of you - Microsoft allowed me to update the standard Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro using the key from the Windows 8 upgrade on the dead laptop, which I got on the cheap (MS was selling Win 8 for $39 back in January this year).  So that saved a few bucks that I might have otherwise had to fork out.  And Adobe has made a major improvement to how they handle the situation where you're unable to anticipate a computer crash and deactivate before it happens :)  They've now got a chat service so it was a relatively painless experience to install the CS3 Suite and activate it on the brand new laptop.

The period of mourning was very short as I've been much distracted by my shiny new toy - with a touch screen which is fun.  Almost makes up for the bluetooth mouse not working with the new machine.

Hopefully HotWhopper will be back to normal snark very soon.


  1. If the hard drive is OK, this is the time to reformat, install Ubuntu and broaden your world!

    What makes a nice gal like you use Windows anyway

  2. More to the point, if the hard drive is OK you can pull it out of the machine and put it in an external enclosure so you can copy any files you might need. (You may already have done that.)


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