Saturday, October 31, 2015

More extreme weather shows up the irrelevance of deniers at WUWT

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This past month (and year) has highlighted the irrelevance of science denying blogs like WUWT. Just this past week, the following have and still are being reported in the media:

This is the same month that saw:

And that was just a sample from this October. September has more than its share of extreme weather, too, in this soon-to-be record-breaking hottest year on record.

No weather discussion from the two-bit ex-weather announcer

Yet at WUWT there's no mention of any of the above except for Joaquin. The only time WUWT discussed extreme weather events was:
  • an article by Bob Tisdale trying to claim that it wasn't hot seas that fueled Joaquin, based on flawed analysis, and 
  • an article by Anthony Watts gloating over the fact that no Cat 3 or higher hurricanes had made landfall in the USA in the past ten years. What he meant was that no Cat 3 or higher hurricane had made landfall while still a Cat 3 or higher. He wrote this while Hurricane Patricia was hitting Mexico, and before the rain it brought hit Texas.

Instead of mentioning all the weird and extreme weather, WUWT is having a love fest group hug with Vladimir Putin (Tim Ball has since joined in), because they think he will stymie the agreement in Paris next month. Wishful thinking I'd say. Not sure how Smokey is dealing with their new-found friend. Remember how he claimed that Pope Francis was a KGB sleeper agent and not to be trusted? I guess you can only trust the KGB when you think they are on your side.

Anthony Watts snarls at the hand that feeds him

In his usual defamatory fashion, instead of discussing weather or climate Anthony Watts is slinging mud at the agency that gives him freebie weather data to sell. Nothing to it of course. It's all a fabrication of Anthony Watts. He's being helped along by vexatious harassment of scientists by an anti-science chair of a House Committee on science, US Congressman Lamar Smith.

The moral is, if you want any information on extreme weather, avoid denier blogs. They refuse to discuss it because it contradicts their mantra: "climate science is a hoax".

"Thankfully there's a nice little tree here"



  1. Mexico demonstrated what a well organised national protection and relief system can achieve when faced with a Cat5 hurricane hitting the shore.

    In a country with an ongoing civil war things may not turn out quite so benign. The highly unusual tropical cyclone in the Indian Ocean - Persian Gulf is about to hit the Eastern end of Yemen.
    It is a sparsely populated area. The largest urban center at highest risk is probably the administrative center Al Ghaydah. This has already been a site of conflict, it was where the Americans intercepted an Iranian cargo ship carrying modern surface-to-air missiles to the Houthi rebels. Perhaps if they had reached the rebels the Saudis might have hesitated before bombing the Al Ghaydah prison and civilian areas. Allegedly.

    Have a look at the google map or world view of this city with the satellite view.


    It is built on the banks of the Wadi Dhahawn. The coastal area gets 0-2 inches of rainfall average per year. Really they get their water from rains in the inland hills which drains via the wadi Dhahawn. That catchment area is about to get several years worth of rain in a brief few days.

    It is unlikely effective measures can be taken to protect the population given the chaotic political situation. It is unlikely the MSM will have any reports from an area that has been off limits to the UN observers and famine relief efforts. Drought has been a regional problem associated with the civil unrest.

    But I hope some effort is being made to evacuate those parts of the city that are obviously on the floodplain. Perhaps the diligence of the US anti-smuggling operation in the area, and the enthusiasm of the Saudis to 'help' the country can be directed towards aid in the aftermath of this 'Natural' disaster.

  2. Just to clarify, the record rainfall in London, Ontario was for that specific date, not all time. That was 89.1 mm on 29 Sep 1986. It isn't even the record for any date in October which was 56.9 mm on 15 Oct 54.


    1. Thanks, Cam. I'll fix it. I usually try to check if it's just a meaningless one day record or something bigger. (We don't do one day records in Australia - or not that I've seen, so sometimes I miss it when it's reported elsewhere.)

  3. What might be notable about the extreme rain event in Canada is that it is the result of a hurricane from the PACIFIC ocean that has had an impact in Canada. The 1989 and 1964 events were from the extra-tropical storm remnants of Atlantic hurricanes Earl and Hazel.

  4. In case of confusion...
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    1. izenmeme and izen are the same poster, for some reason the Blogger software on chrome intermittently blocks signing in with the wordpress ID ?!

      Aha. So that's why you often don't get the "I'm not a robot" checkbox when you try to comment here with Chrome. I gave up using Chrome when I'm browsing HW. Have to use Firefox just for this site :-\

      Of course, just when I think I have a workaround, now Firefox has the same problem. Trying from Chrome now. So it would *appear* to be just down to the interaction between Blogger and Wordpress, and nothing to do with the browser. OK, that's just a WAG based on the evidence so far :-)

    2. Sorry about that. I'll let Google know the problem. Meanwhile, I've added a note to the comment box for Wordpress users to sign in with Name/URL if they are having problems.

    3. Thanks Sou, you're a star! :-)

  5. Good point about the former weather announcer not talking about... weather.

  6. Would the stoic Mr Watts mention it if he was stuck up a tree due to flooding right now?

  7. Cyclone Chapala sounds grim. Lots of chatter about it today.


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