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Anthony Watts indulges in an abysmal showing of poor (hurricane) taste at WUWT

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I was keeping an eye on the articles at WUWT. It's been quite boring there lately. There've have been a bunch of articles about Exxon, and how it was researching climate way back when. These did nothing but confuse deniers.

What I was watching for, was to see how or if Anthony Watts would deal with the latest extreme weather event - Hurricane Patricia. This hurricane is the most intense on record - as a hurricane. And the most fierce tropical cyclone ever recorded in the western hemisphere.

Well, Anthony still can't bring himself to write about it. That's bad enough for someone who passes himself off as a meteorologist (unqualified), and who lives in North America. It's not just Mexico that's suffering under Hurricane Patricia. The effects will be felt right through to Texas and other US states.

Instead he did the unbelievable - even for a science-denying climate conspiracy blog.

Gloating that cylones are hitting everywhere but the USA

What Anthony did do, which surprised even me, was write a lengthy article (archived here) about how, as he puts it, it's been ten years since a Category 3 or greater hurricane has hit the USA. I believe what he means is it's been ten years since a Category 3 or greater hurricane hit the USA while still a Cat 3 or greater. That's in case you're wondering if Anthony forgot about the worst storm to hit the USA in recent years - Superstorm Sandy. But that's not the point I want to make.

Can you imagine an article on a climate blog that is in poorer taste as far as timing goes? Even a climate conspiracy blog? While Mexico is being pounded by Hurricane Patricia, While the Philippines has yet to recover from Typhoon Koppu, Anthony Watts is gloating that it isn't happening on US land?

He doesn't even mention Patricia in his article. Nor did he write anything about Koppu last week. He's not just in denial - he's lacking any empathy for his fellow human beings.

There are no comments yet at WUWT. Will his readers condemn him for this? Probably most won't.

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  1. The Heartland Institute will be proud of their protege. Don't mention droughts though. And if anyone mentions Hurricanes, don't go back one more year beyond those ten.

  2. Anthony Watts is gloating that it isn't happening on US land

    Watts and his readers may not be aware that life (or even land) exists outside of the USA.

    1. I think they are aware when prompted but when their minds are in the rest state (which is pretty much all the time) they're not.

    2. The poor man is desperate without a pause to cling to. So he's trying to find pauses wherever he can, although this pause in hurricanes of no more than 10 years, and within only a limited geographic region, is pathetic even by the woeful standards of climate change denial.

    3. I think most of them know the oil comes from somewhere else.

  3. It's not just his ignoring of an incredibly strong cyclone to the south of his home state, but also his ignoring/ignorance of the fact that there has been a record number of major cyclones in the pacific this year. The words of a former UK Prime Minister, "Far away country of which we know nothing" come to mind

    1. Yes. As well as regarding Anthony's article as ignorant and grotesquely insensitive, some people would describe it as tempting fate.

  4. Just spotted the latest warning from The U.S. National Hurricane Center:

    "While heavy rains near the center of Patricia have
    decreased significantly as the cyclone has weakened over
    northeastern Mexico, the heavy rain threat ahead of the remnants of
    Patricia will increase this evening across northeast Mexico into
    coastal sections of Texas. This heavy rain threat will continue
    across the western Gulf coast through this weekend and spread into
    the central Gulf coast by early next week. These rains may produce
    dangerous flash floods."

    Ironic, in the light of Watts' crowing about the lack of hurricanes affecting the U.S., that the U.S looks as if it might suffer more damage from Patricia than Mexico has undergone. We should know pretty soon...

  5. He's not just in denial - he's lacking any empathy for his fellow human beings.

    That's the most salient bit of the denier train wreck. It really says it all.

  6. How Texas stole California's rain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCLdjS4JfJw

  7. Had Hurricane Ike not crossed Cuba in 2008 we would most likely have been hit with another supersized hurricane. It was still energetic enough to eventually become a extratropical cyclone over the Ozark Mountains. A lot of trees fell because Hurricane Gustav had already stormed through the Ozarks a week prior and loosened things up, including one pine tree that fell on the roof of my home.


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