Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sexism and oafishness

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As you'll find in various dark and dingy spots across the internet, some HotCopper posters are unashamedly sexist.

Does anyone remember the days when you'd come across an uneducated oaf who said of any successful woman that she slept her way to the top or assumed she was lesbian?

You know what? People like that still exist and huddle together on sites like HotCopper, emboldened as they gang up and find the site supports or at worst tolerates their bigotry. Heaven only knows what their social network is like in real life.  Most of them are getting a bit long in the tooth and they don't seem to get out much.  Some of them have even had a decent education but may fall short when it comes to self-esteem.

There is no need to mince words here.  For example, it's not uncommon for some men to come across as deeply insecure when it comes to equal opportunity:

There are quite a few more where that came from (subs req'd).

On HotCopper, forum moderators don't respect women.  They are much more likely to delete a post about women who experience sexism (subs req'd) as they did in this case (click here for the original article by Tracey Spicer),

than delete a post that puts women down (subs req'd), despite the fact that the post below contains more offensive language than the post above that was deleted.

It's sexist to point out sexism? Huh?

The people who run HotCopper often come across as being sexist to the core as I experienced.  In my case, when I posted a comment objecting to nasty sexism, forum management even had the cheek to tell me I was the one being sexist and banned me from posting!  Their emails to me indicated they would score about 9/10 on the oafish scale.  Rude and crude. Surprisingly so for what portrays itself as a business.  (You'd think ASIC would have required a minimum standard of decorum.)

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