Friday, December 21, 2012

HotCopper Denier Classic - Aliens and Ozone

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A classic from last year on the HotCopper S&M forum.

A contribution to the S&M forum from Moondoong, the self-described 'busted-ass mining engineer'.  He thinks everything on this list is equally unlikely and not at all 'alarming'.

He equates AIDS (one of the world's biggest killers) and the hole in the ozone layer (a disaster in the making but thankfully being addressed) with an alien invasion and an asteroid striking earth.  Alar did pose a risk, albeit nothing like smoking tobacco.  Y2K was a real problem but not one that mining engineers would necessarily understand.  I don't know what was in his mind when he added magnetic pole shift or solar flares. They happen all the time.  (Does anyone know what Planet X refers to?)

          Source: HotCopper.com S&M forum

About twice as many science and medicine visitors agreed with moondoong (going by the "thumbs up" he was awarded) as thought he was talking through his 'busted ass'.

Yep, that's HotCopper :(


  1. AHA we had a planet X Enki coming to save christians,the new jesus, Nutcase at F###WIT fielding famil first blog years ago name of Chugg
    a welder who we reckon was sniffing the gases

    he even had a bunker ready for the coming ice age, you could set him off and he would multiple post about glaciers,

  2. What a waste of time this blog site is.

    Riding off the back of another website to make yourself look and sound important, and playing the victim all the time.

    Woe is me, time you cast off the gloom and doom and got a life.

    moondoong, the still busted ass mining engineer

    Lets see if you have the guts to leave this reply on this shitty website you've created.

  3. Hi Moondoong, feels good doesn't it :D

    PS Watch out for the aliens, I hear they're launching an asteroid strike through the hole in the ozone layer in Y3K and the entire sky will fall down. Scientists say it'll even cause a magnetic pole shift so powerful it'll cause a solar flare. What foolish scaredy cats, eh :)

  4. Blow off whatever steam you like mate.

    It is still 47C where I work, has been for thousands of years and will be for who knows how long.

    I was speaking to a Paleontologist (hope I spealt that right) the other month on site, and he said that in the last ice age the Pilbara was a dry, cold, windy location with virtually no rainfall, no plant life and no animal life.

    Humans (Australian Aborigines) still managed to continually occupy the area, even with this extreme climate going on.

    Moral of the story - humans have an uncanny ability to overcome whatever Nature throws at them, no matter how much the Earth heats up humans will overcome and prevail.

    I'm off to work tomorrow morning, the jet will burn a few thousand pounds of fuel on the way to site, the gas turbines will burns a few tonnes of natural gas to keep the lights on and the airconditioners running, and we will keep drilling, blowing up, mining, crushing and loading out iron ore until the Chinese and Asians stop buying it.

    Good luck with your website, but I still think your whole focus is misguided - instead of worrying and constantly writing about a share trading website with a few other forums for those that wish to discuss other subjects, perhaps you should concentrate your efforts on setting up a website that is focussed wholely on the crusade you have set yourself upon - AGW.

    I get the impression that you are somewhat bitter and twisted, and I wonder if you really do care and believe about AGW, because this whole website comes across to me as just an excuse to bignote yourself and whinge and moan about what is a share trading forum with a few fringe forums for sideline discussions.

    Time for you to move on mobyT, and time for me to definately not come back to this website ever again.

    Have a nice life.

    moondoong - Busted Ass mining engineer, and proud of it.

    PS I would publish my name and email address if I knew how - I can use mine planning software but your blog site sux.

  5. Looks as if moondoong's left us forever, after jumping from the irrational to the 'over-reacting' bandwagon (:-0

  6. Moondong what a greedy greedy man, and a flog. I recall him scanning and putting his paypacket on hotcopper. Must be the only way he can gain respect and self worth.


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