Monday, March 21, 2016

TLDR at WUWT, and the Fountain of Youth at SEPP

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Every week at WUWT Anthony Watts dutifully reposts a very, very long screed put together by Ken Haapala at S. Fred Singer's SEPP. It's got dreadful formatting, silly quotes, is crammed with denierisms, and did I mention it is inordinately long, meriting the Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR) tag. I don't usually bother with it and neither do many other people. Today, about four hours after the article was posted, there was a single star and this lone plaintive "thought" from one of WUWT's climate conspiracy fans:

…Am I only one that reads these ???

Not quite, Marcus, but almost, from what I've seen.

SEPP has discovered the fountain of youth (and immortality)

While researching this I came across the 2014 Form 990 for SEPP. It makes interesting reading. Did you know that the then 90 year old S. Fred Singer worked 60 hours a week for SEPP in 2014 (and no hours for a related organisation)? And without pay! Hard to believe, I know. It was the same in 2011 and 2012

That's nothing. A full 17 months after he died, Frederick Seitz, Ph.D was still listed on the SEPP website as Chairman.


  1. On 29 februari 2012 Anthony published a piece by Fred Singer, titled ”Climate Deniers are giving us sceptics a bad name”. A person called Jay Davis wrote the following comment, one of the funniest I have ever seen at WUWT:
    ”I am a denier that man is causing climate change. I believe the earth’s climate does whatever it wants to do, and man can do nothing but adapt or die. Until I can see real proof to the contrary (computer models don’t count), my opinion won’t change. And with all due respect to Dr. Singer, his affiliation with the University of Virginia taints anything he may write on climate change. Anyone associated with a university shielding M. Mann is guilty through association.”

  2. A full 17 months after he died, Frederick Seitz, Ph.D was still listed on the SEPP website as Chairman.

    I fail to see anything unusual about this.

    The Fraser Institute an astroturf thinktank in Canada at one point had five dead members on their Editorial Advisory Board. Somehow the economists at the Institute had failed to notice that Friedrich Hayek was dead.

    Given the quality of some of the Fraser Institute's reports it may not have made any difference.

  3. I guess that dead people have the advantage of not requiring a cut of any fossil fuel industry money being shared around.


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