Sunday, March 13, 2016

HotWhopper is now on Facebook

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I've succumbed to requests to have a Facebook page. I can't say I like Facebook much, but I think I've managed to learn it well enough to have a page for HotWhopper.

I believe it needs some likes to get anywhere. I wouldn't normally cadge for such things and it's very infradig to do so (to resurrect a word from the dim distant past). However until it gets something like 25 likes, it can't have it's own tailormade web address. So if anyone uses Facebook and is so inclined, a bit of help would be appreciated.

I'll use it for HotWhopper articles, plus other things I come across that are interesting as far as climate and weather goes. For example,
  • In my part of the world we've been having some very unusual hot record-busting weather, and BoM has issued a statement explaining what's happening.
  • There's a new extreme weather report just published from NAS: "Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change"
I've also added a link to the HotWhopper Facebook page in the sidebar, with other facebook pages.


  1. Happy to see that you are now also present of Facebook! As of right now, there are 50 likes and bound to get more quickly.

  2. May have sent a link. I am not exactly facebook savvy.

  3. Liked! Already shared the GISTemp post.

  4. Thanks, everyone. The response was fantastic and much appreciated. It looks like Facebook is a goer.

    (I can't seem to make the web address more friendly despite all the likes and what Facebook said, so HotWhopper with numbers after it will have to do for now.)

    1. People usually visit a page though a link (from Google, or from Facebook, or whatever). If they like it, they bookmark it. Few people actually type in URLs any more.

      Which is to say, you needn't be too concerned about having a string of numbers in the URL.

    2. You're right, DC. Also I'd have to investigate whether Facebook puts a redirect in place if I was able to simplify the link in the future. If there's a risk of broken links then it's definitely not worth changing.

    3. I've read that Facebook doesn't do redirects when you change the URL. That's despite the fact that Facebook doesn't allow the old URL to be reused.

      So I'll stick with the current web address.

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  6. Roderiko has liked (and sent some invitations to friends).

  7. Liked.

    You might have to weather some Facebook attacks on your account, Facebook reporting is easy for a group of people to abuse. I lost one Facebook account after I commented on a Climate Change group.

  8. eric worrall is now answering questions on Quora, dumb as


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