Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hug a climate scientist today

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Big Hugs to all the climate scientists. Today is hug a climate scientist day.  I'll have to send mine via cyberspace:
Credit: David Pope

This is how it's done - thanks to First Dog on the Moon. Click to make it larger.

There are lots of terrific tweets sending hugs.

Plenty more here on Twitter.


bryce parker said...


I take exception to that last cartoon!!!!!!

We are far more embarrassed about our Prime Minister than you are of yours.

It's not even close.

bryce parker said...

Australians for Coal:


Anonymous said...

Sou, why did you edit this post to remove the video of people hugging? It used to show up earlier when I first looked at it and then emailed it to friends. Some said it's a dead link others said it had no video of people hugging. Not sure why. You seem to be pretty savvy on the computer, can you explain?

Sou said...

I don't know what you mean, Anonymous. I haven't edited the article.

Are you asking about the first tweet? If so, it's still showing up perfectly on my screen. When I click through the link to vine.co the video is there, too.