Saturday, October 5, 2013

Denier weirdness: Bob Tisdale redefines "hot" at WUWT

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When does warmer than the trend mean "especially hot"?

Is it "at the time?" - Dana Nuccitelli on 1990:
At the time, 1990 was an especially hot year. 

Is it when it lies above the trend? - Tamino on 1990:

Or is it "only if it's El Nino"? - Bob Tisdale on 1990:
1990 was an ENSO-neutral year, according to NOAA’s Oceanic NINO Index. Therefore, “1990 was…” NOT “…an especially hot year”. It was simply warmer than previous years because surface temperatures were warming then.
Data Source: NASA and WUWT!

Perennially Puzzled ENSO Bob added the above as a postscript because he can't admit he was wrong. He makes other big gaffes in his article, as usual, and not just saying that "all the models are wrong" despite observations lying within the range of the models.  Eg writing that Dana is talking about a different chart to the one he was actually discussing.


  1. Tisdale's statement is the product of a disturbed mind. Is he on something? Or off something he ought to be on?

    In passing, he seems to have acknowledged 1998 as an "especially hot year" since it did have an El Nino. He also suggests that 2011 was an especially cold year because it had a La Nina; if 2011 is what passes for an especially cold year these days, where's this pause we hear of so often?

    Consistency not being a requirement for deniers, I suspect this "fiddled graph" is going to join the conga-line of zombie denier soundbites.

  2. ENSOboy Tisdale just knows that the earth is not warming! It's simply that La Nina is not balancing El Nino! ...and it coincidentally has not been doing so for 150 years, but its not warming! It's just temporary!

  3. Tisdale loses it in comments on his thread. He claims to have conducted 'detailed investigations of climate models'! Google Scholar and Web of Science searches reveal nothing of the sort,of course. This man is dangerously and aggressively deluded...not that I need to point out the obvious ;)


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