Monday, October 14, 2013

Oops! The world stops at midnight on 31 December 2099 according to Anthony Watts

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Anthony Watts has written about the video that Wotts put up a few days ago. It's a short video by Thom Hartmann on global warming and a stark reminder of what we are risking by not cutting emissions of waste CO2.

I won't comment on the video itself.  I already did that as part of the discussion on Wotts' blog.  All I'll ask is: 

Does Anthony Watts think the world is going to stop at the stroke of midnight on 31 December 2099?

Anthony wrote this comment (archived here):
From The End is Near department comes this video documentary from lefty talk radio guy Thom Hartmann that claims we are on the verge of a “mass extinction” due to climate change. Only one problem; the IPCC says “no” to his scenario. Ooops.
But the IPCC doesn't say "no" to the scenario.  Anthony is referring in particular to the likelihood of greenhouse gases will be released from permafrost and clathrates. All the IPCC report indicates, in the table Anthony refers to, is what is expected to happen this century.  What happens after that is up to what we do in probably then next seven or eight years.  Even if we decide to cut back on burning fossil fuels, much of what won't happen this century will still happen in future centuries.  The ice will continue to melt.  Seas will continue to rise. And, yes, maybe methane will be released in such quantities that the biosphere will get such a huge shock to the system that many species will not survive.

Who is Anthony Watts kidding?  His readers didn't read the column headings either from the look of it.  Maybe, like Anthony, they think that the world or global warming will come to a standstill at the stroke of midnight on 31 December 2099.


  1. Rejoice in a small concession - in quoting '...the IPCC says “no” to his scenario' Anthony is holding up the IPCC as a reference point. :)

  2. above the graph there is the IPCC definition of NO, it is not "No" it will not happen, it is NO consensus on the matter.


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