Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two denier myths back to back are put down by the IPCC; while richardscourtney shouts in protest

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I'm reading the IPCC's AR5 Technical Summary of WG1 at the moment.  I wonder how long it will take deniers to protest these two adjacent snippets from page TS-21.

It won't be "it's the sun"

The recent solar minimum appears to have been unusually low and long-lasting and several projections indicate lower TSI for the forthcoming decades. However, current abilities to project solar irradiance are extremely limited so that there is very low confidence concerning future solar forcing. Nonetheless, there is a high confidence that 21st century solar forcing will be much smaller than the projected increased forcing due to GHGs. {5.2.1, 8.4; FAQ 5.1}

Cosmic ray effect is too weak to influence climate 

Changes in solar activity affect the cosmic ray flux impinging upon the Earth’s atmosphere, which has been hypothesized to affect climate through changes in cloudiness. Cosmic rays enhance aerosol nucleation and thus may affect cloud condensation nuclei production in the free troposphere, but the effect is too weak to have any climatic influence during a solar cycle or over the last century (medium evidence, high agreement). No robust association between changes in cosmic rays and cloudiness has been identified. In the event that such an association exists, it is very unlikely to be due to cosmic ray-induced nucleation of new aerosol particles.


Anthony Watts has let his readers know the draft report is up (archived here).  Being the paranoid conspiracy theorists they are, they've decided "it's not science".  They not only "believe" it's all a giant hoax, they "believe" that on the issue of climate science, all 195 governments are complicit in the hoax and have put aside their multiple differences to fool the world into thinking it's getting warmer.

But 195 governments and all the world's scientists can't fool the astute readers of WUWT.  No way.  They are on top of the biggest and most improbable hoax in the past four billion years (or do they think it's only the last 6,000 years or whatever young earthers believe?).

richardscourtney shouts his deluded Lysenko conspiracy theory to the world of WUWT (punchline excerpts from a very long, very emphatic post archived here):
September 30, 2013 at 9:18 am
...The IPCC does NOT exist to summarise climate science and it does not.
...The IPCC AR5 is pure pseudoscience intended to provide information to justify political actions; i.e.Lysenkoism.


  1. "The IPCC does NOT exist to summarise climate science and it does not"

    Let's ignore the first part.

    The IPCC certainly summarises climate science. I have just written a new post reviewing what the IPCC writes about my area of expertise (homogenization) and can say that the IPCC report is a honest representation of the scientific literature in this area.

    I have asked my colleagues to do the same for their areas of expertise and will link to their reviews of the IPCC report.

    1. That's a great idea, Victor. Looking forward to reading your post. Thanks.

  2. Not very Christian of the Reverend Richard S Courtney. Makes you wonder how he reconciles his two hobbies. Oh, I forgot. He signed the freaky theology of the Cornwall Alliance. So there is no science to be denied as God is running the show.

  3. I think WUWT completely unhitched itself from the moorings of reality after the BEST debacle. I don't know how Sou manages to keep visiting the site!


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