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HotWhopper of the Week: Feminism is a Lysenko plot

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More misogyny anyone?

Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

We all know that the ghost of Lysenko is sending climate science deniers to the gulag, when he's not putting them to death.  Now it looks as if that stalinist bureaucrat has risen from dead once more, this time to send sexist men to the gulag.

Source: HotCopper.com

Oh No! Women are rejecting their biological role and getting paid to work

HotCopper regular, Rembrandt, says "good article" and elaborates:
All fems are directed by dogma to that of adopting sublimation .. rejection of their sex and biological roles for the supposed higher goal of self-actualisation = nihilism...
... In other words, the fems strident cries for more FREEDOM AND CHOICE today is as the article proclaims nothing more than more demands by Me, with Me and for Me !!
Source: HotCopper.com
If I interpret correctly, in his mind, women who aspire to anything in their lives other than unpaid labour and popping out babies one after another for twenty or thirty years are unutterably selfish.

Women shouldn't have choice - slavery is their proper destiny

Slippin chimes in, observing dour faced women who he reckons would have been better off had they chosen to be destitute from the outset and stuck in a sour marriage slaving (unpaid) for their 'man'.
Having recently re entered the workforce after a 5 year hiatus I can attest to the above. I have never seen or worked with so many dour faced 40 years plus women. ...
...Most of these women have ditched their husband (or been ditched) and are chasing something that only exists in glossy womens magazines. Their desire can be boiled down to one word...choice. The ability to choose your destiny. However the glossies failed to mention one thing...choice is no choice at all. Keep working honey cos one day you might get the pension and be able to live in a crime ridden neighbourhood where you may find your choices severely restricted.
Source: HotCopper.com
No-one disagrees with any of them - that's HotCopper.

Does sound like sour grapes, doesn't it.  Did their wives eventually choose a 'life' over them?

Only men are allowed to reject their biological role?

And what about the 'biological role' of men?  How do these three justify men's 'choice' of paid employment instead of devoting themselves 100% to their biological role?

Maybe on the basis that men often have to pay to pursue their biological role (so they have to earn the $$ to do so somehow or other), whereas women can get paid for pursuing theirs.

Or maybe, despite this being the twenty first century, these three genuinely believe men have an innate right to 'choose' and women, being lesser creatures, don't.

HotCopper Proud to Award Gold Stars for Sexist and Racist Posts

By the way, slippin won a gold star for that post above.  It was considered by HotCopper share traders to be a 'top rated post'.

Slippin's post didn't do quite as well as those who jumped to the conclusion that an asylum seeker raped a student - HotCopper handed out lots of gold stars to all the people who jumped to that conclusion (based not on any arrest, nor any police report, nor anything at all except speculation by shock jock Ray Hadley, who I guess hates asylum seekers even more than he hates women).  In keeping with HotCopper's misogynist code, the brightest gold star was given to kozzie who was able to have a dig at both asylum seekers and women in one short comment.  Kozzie reckons it was all the fault of PM Gillard and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Going by past experience, if anyone said that slippin and other bigoted posters on HotCopper were being sexist or racist, they'd probably get banned from the forum.  (As if to underscore the tone preferred by HotCopper management, about the only poster to voice an objection to the ugly tone of the asylum seeker thread had at least two posts deleted by the moderators.)

As HotCopper Management will tell you, it's sexist to call out sexism, if you are a woman.


  1. It may be be Anti Science and Anti women but Hotwhopper is alwways benevolant.

    It is such a compassionate society. Always discussing the plights of the less fortunate. Never whinging greedily and incessantly about themselves.

    I can’t find the thread but I will summarize if I may. Some uninitiated, innocent stumbled across the general forum and made a post about UNICEF or World Vision and how he donated. He wanted peoples thoughts about them. Well all hell broke loose from the redneck brigade as these organisations were pilloried as being cash grabbing, wealth re-distributing, inefficient greedy organisations. All the excuses which would of course absolve an individual for not donating.

    This left the original poster, who was perhaps seeking deserving praise, almost shameful for his charitable nature.

    It is hard to imagine how so many unselfish and charitable folk found each other.

    1. Cliff, that looks like a warped rationalisation of selfishness, doesn't it :(

      You might be interested in this recent paper by Lewandowsky et al, Recursive Fury, particularly towards the end where they refer to 'echo chambers'.

      IMO HC is a terrific example of an 'echo chamber' and constructed that way from the top down (management, moderator selection etc).

      Elsewhere in the paper there is discussion of how conspiracy theorists ascribe 'evil intent' eg in your example, charities are 'evil' (greedy, inefficient etc) therefore I won't donate.

      Same with their attitudes towards women (women are trying to rise above their 'true' station in life and constitute a threat to men).

      These people operate 'safely' within HC's 'echo chamber', providing mutual support for each other.

      I might write more about conspiracy ideation in the context of climate science denial (and maybe sexism as well) - there's heaps of material to draw on (not just HC but elsewhere on the internet as well).

  2. Who reads this shit? And more worrying, who actually believes your shit? I see a twisted, jilted member drivelling on and on about something most would build a bridge and get over it...LOL

    And all this drivel on climate change??? Did you know Perth had its wettest Marxh in 42 years. Shock, horror and deceiving. It rains for one day for whatever mms and it's sensational drivel. Now, if it rained for a week, even for the same rain content, then a claim could be staked. But, as attributed to, shock, horror, climate change...LOL

    Get a life MobyT. Have you got a good fella looking after you? You sound jilted.

  3. Never the less feminist pseudo-science is compable to Soviet era Lysenkian genetics. Nut cases in the same shell.


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