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Gabby's Cartoon

MobyT | 1:22 PM Go to the first of 13 comments. Add a comment

Credit: Gabby's Playhouse - with permission.

I've moved the previous pages on sexism to the static HotWhopper website. I've also saved Gabby's Cartoon, and the Men's Playground as blog posts (rather than pages). The articles on the static website have been very slightly revamped. The blog post versions include the comments already left, and can have more comments added.

Click the links below to see:

The first two are about how I was treated at HotCopper share trading forum, after I alerted the moderators to some dreadful sexist comments. 

The Free Speech article shows what happens when the owner of an Australian share trading website delegates control to a bunch of bigoted old men. Sexism and racism are not merely tolerated, they are approved of.