Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WUWT Quote of the Day - Conspiracy Eyes

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This was seen at WUWT just now:
we're not conspiracy theorists but it's a conspiracy, right in front of our eyes :)

Paul Westhaver
June 9, 2015 at 12:16 pm
Skeptics we may well be. But contrary to Lewandowski’s opinion, we are NOT also conspiracy theorists.
NOW with the government, in front of our eyes, changing the historical temperature plot,
I wonder if a statement of conspiracy REALITY is appropriate.
Come on guys… right in front of our eyes!?


  1. congrats, dude. :-)

    Roy Spencer's comment on WUWT after Heartland announced that it was awarding Watts the Defamer of the Year Award at Heartland's Fresh Start climate conference starting in DC tomorrow.

    *Fresh Start also comes in Menthol and Vape*

    1. Correction that should have read Excellence in Climate Science Communication Award,

    2. Whoever came second must be really crap at climate science.

    3. Not so Catmando. If one comes 2nd or preferably 3rd in this award one is automatically deemed to be better at climate science that the awardee.

    4. Ah, so you have to think about it. A bit like one of those lotteries where the first prize is a week at Victor Harbor, and the second prize is 2 weeks at Victor Harbor...

    5. Victor Harbor?
      I spent a month there one week end.
      35 years ago.
      During the Moscow Olympics.
      No TV reception at all.
      What's not to like about Victor Harbor?

    6. Are you from Adelaide, Bill? :D

      There is also a (rather unfair) variation - Kangaroo Island :)

    7. Hey, don't be knocking KI! I'm currently involved in the campaign trying to get offshore exporatory drilling there knocked over, in fact. And the state govt. just announced a decent multi-night wilderness hiking trail to be constructed down the western end - long overdue!

      Nowt wrong with Victor Harbor. For a shortish visit...

    8. Is that Heartland's excuse this year for paying Watts the money from the fossil fuel industry he says doesn't get ?

    9. Perhaps the email to Tom Peterson was one of the last brownie points Watts earned in his fight for the award.. ;)

  2. Victor Harbor is great for family camping holidays at the park down by the water's edge. 20+ years ago the kids used to love the old-fashioned movie shows in the town centre. It actually had an interval!! where you could buy icecreams - the first time it happened they got upset because they thought the show was over without the movie we'd gone to see. From then on it was just quaint.

    It also has great air-conditioning in the pubs for the occasional (rare, in fact) day when a hot wind completely bypasses the Adelaide Hills and blasts the Fleurieu Peninsula with 40+ degree heat. _Not_ a good day to spend in a tent or a caravan.


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