Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From Lewandowsky with love: climate conspiracies from WUWT

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This week, Anthony Watts and his followers at wattsupwiththat (WUWT) are competing among themselves to see who can come up with the best climate conspiracy. Anthony Watts himself hasn't got a lot of imagination. All he could come up with was accusing the NOAA of fraud and lying. His fans know that the climate conspiracy goes way beyond NOAA. It goes way beyond the whole of the USA (at least for the WUWT-ers who've begun to realise that the USA is not the entire world).

The Catholic Church is in on the climate conspiracy too. And it's all because it was infiltrated by the KGB, who planted Pope Francis as its leader.

You don't believe me? It's true. I read it at WUWT. Here are some of the theories in an article about a translation of the Pope's Encyclical (archived here), which is coming out later this week. (Someone released a draft in Italian, and it's got everyone excited, with all the non-Italian speakers rushing to Google translate.)

Today's winner

Anthony Watts' lapdog, dbstealey, who says the KGB has infiltrated and taken over the Catholic Church, wins today's prize:
June 15, 2015 at 7:23 pm
I worry that the left has infiltrated my church.
After Pope John Paul II faced down the Soviet Union, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was targeted by the KGB/FSB. They have a lot of patience. The current Pope is the result. Now they have their puppet in the Vatican. 

Runners up

Here are some of the runners up:

kramer who sees reds infiltrating underneath every bed:
June 15, 2015 at 6:42 pm
Did anybody see who the Pope talked to last year on this topic? Some of them are Joseph Stiglitz, Clinton’s former econ advisor and a member of socialist international. Jeffery Sachs who you can see giving a speech at the party of european socialists (itself part of socialist international). Sachs’ Earth Institute also lists George Soros as some kind of external advisor. Another person that was at the meeting last years has ties to Rockefeller.
The Pope also said that governments should redistribute wealth to the poor (he’s advocating socialism) and he gave communism a backhanded compliment.
I worry that the left has infiltrated my church.

joelobryan's world starts and stops with money and says the Pope is getting paid
June 15, 2015 at 6:54 pm
The Vatican, and most especially the Curia, is motivated by one thing… money. At the heart of any bad period in the Catholic Church’s history, it was always somehow rooted in a flow of money, whether it was the wealth flowing back from the New World or priest se abuse cover-ups, it was about maintaining a flow of money to the Vatican.
This Pope has been promised a piece of the $100 Billion Climate AId fund to its various Catholic charities. But of course, The Holy See takes an overhead slice (its piece of the action) of all that Aid money going to its missions and charities in the 3rd World poor countries. He is trying to wrest control of the Vatican bureaucracy from the money controllers, but he needs money to do that. This Climate encyclical is about the money promised by the UNFCCC delegation to those Church charities. For the Pope to get control of the Curia, he needs to control their money flow. With the Climate Aid money he can hold a stronger hand. 

Charlie knows it's nothing to do with climate change
June 15, 2015 at 6:59 pm
I don’t think for a minute that the Pope believes in the science of anthropogenic climate change. It is pretty clear to me now that this particular pope was put there for a reason that has nothing to do with God. This whole thing is his world view and his politics. Why do we need a governing body for a spiritual practice again? has that ever gone over well ever in history? 

Crispin in Waterloo
June 15, 2015 at 9:41 pm
...The thing that is different this go-round is that many of the ‘scientists’ are supporting the CAGW meme with tongue in cheek. They create false evidence. If people accept the false claims based on false evidence the moral responsibility lies with the falsified not the duped. 

Paul Westhaver on how control of CO2 is a socialist plot of the anti-Christian, demonic UN, and how his hopes that the potty peer and the 2012 Climate Misinformer of the Year couldn't persuade Pope Francis to reject 200 years of science:
June 15, 2015 at 7:50 pm (excerpt)
I am troubled by this encyclical. I was hoping that the efforts of Marc, Lord Chris, et al would have precipitated a roll back. It seems that the language is a wet fish or damp squib so to speak.
The Encyclical in NOT INFALLIBLE TEACHING As such, since I know more about the subject of global warming than its author, I chose to ignore any recommendations extant from this erroneous clap-trap.
I intend to stay fast and rebel and continue to call out the control of CO2 as the socialist plot that it is.
I do not believe the religious leaders in the UN when they say that humanity is causing my planet to warm.
I, therefore do not believe the Vatican, when the quote the anti-Christian UN that asserts that the 1) earth is warming and 2) that is the result of human activity.
Fear not for the Vatican is only contributing to its future incredibility in its bargain with the demonic UN for popularity. It will regret this encyclical.
Therefore we ought to continue to struggle for the truth and what is right.
I have other complaints about the whole wealth transfer tone of the encyclical but it is a bit of a damp squib. 

Russ Steele barely makes it into the runners up list

June 15, 2015 at 7:46 pm
I am going to send a copy of Climate Change the Facts to His Holiness, Pope Francis Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City. If all of the readers of this blog were to send a copy, it could make an impact when Pope Francis’ mail box gets jammed by some climate change facts. This in turn could boost the sales of this important book to the top of the sales charts. 

The wooden spoon

The wooden spoon goes to Wagen, for being such a spoilsport on June 16, 2015 at 1:32 am

From Lewandowsky with love.


  1. Um so the FSB must be conspiring with the IPCC to overthrow the Russian government which is heavily dependent on the profits from fossil fuels for its survival?

    "In total, oil and gas comprised 68% of all Russian exports"


    Alternative theory: dbstealey gets stupider every day.

    1. Come on Millicent, it like when Bluto said "the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"..."Forget it, he's rolling."

    2. It looks like some of Tony's readers hve been bombing the Guardian which had an article on the Encyclical. One brilliant poster started out with "The Pope is a communist from Central America". Presumably he was brainwashed by the KGB as a boy while growing up in Honduras or was it Panama. The post went downhill from there.

    3. jrkrideau,

      That's obviously wrong. He's a communist from *South* America!

    4. Not if you are one of Tony's readers he's not. He is "definitely" a communist from Central America.

      I don't think Tony's readers have discovered *South* America yet. One must be patient. Not everyone has a subscription to National Geographic and all those nice maps.

  2. Not all of these people have yet taken on board the demise of the Soviet Union and the ... let's call it privatisation of state assets by oligarchs and the FSB itself. Their world remains exactly as it was when McCarthy first explained it to them.

  3. When the Pope's right, he's right, and when he's wrong, he's a communist. How long until he is casually renamed as Pope Stalin the First?

  4. Right-wing Catholics got complacent during the long years when John Paul II and Ratzinger had their backs, or so they thought.

    Now that they have a Pope who comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable, their world is upside down.

    1. Tony Abbott, Australia's rabidly right-wing PM, is going to have kittens of every colour when he reads the Encyclical. It's pretty much the Pope slapping him in the face with a big fat fisher-of-men, and telling him that he's been a Very Naughty Boy.

      Now, if this Pope would excommunicate Abbott for sins against the planet's climate, the environment, and God's living Creation that dwells within, I swear that I would walk to the nearest cathedral and sign on the dotted line - it would be proof that there really is a god!

  5. Some of these quotes are begging to be put into some sort of Buzzfeed type article "You'll die laughing at these 28 wacky conspiracy theories"

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Just quietly, Steve Milloy of the so-aptly-if-somewhat-ironically-named Junk Science vomitorium has been engaging in a storm of gobsmackingly libellous and liar-ous anti-pope tweeting. You practically have to wipe the gobs of foamy spittle from your screen.

    The guy has a serious, serious problem and there's probably a van with nurses in white coats and butterfly nets rocketing to his place as he tweets.

    If not, there should be.

    1. Yes, I've scanned some of his many tweets. Pope Francis has really, really upset him hasn't he. (Is Steve still employed/employable by anyone? I suspect he's too far gone even for the Heartland Institute or CATO.)

    2. I had to laugh at this Steve Milloy tweet:

      "Pope's Leaked Encyclical: Pope says air pollution kills people. This is demonstrably FALSE."

    3. Let's see: guns don't kill people; people kill people; so we don't need to control guns. Air pollution doesn't kill people; people kill people; so we don't need to control air pollution. Makes perfect sense, dontcha think? 😷

    4. Shucks, my smiley face didn't make it. It's a new one on my iPad: smiley is wearing a face mask. :-)

  8. Getting in early...

    John Mashey, are you monitoring the rabid, raucous, and obviously highly-organised network engaged in the smear campaign against the Pope's Encyclical? There's some serious pushback being coordinated right from the get-go and I think that it's of such magnitude that it might tell the world a story.

    Now wouldn't that be something - hot on the heals of Francis kicking the world in the butt, the denial industry comes raving out from behind its curtain whilst everyone's attention is on the stage...

    1. Not particularly ... since I don't focus on things I knoew are well-covered by others, and this certainly is...

  9. I am going to send a copy of Climate Change the Facts to His Holiness, ...

    The fake skeptics certainly didn't do themselves any favours by leaving a colon out of the title of their new manifesto. So is it:

    a. Climate Change: The Facts


    b. Climate: Change The Facts

    I opt for b., because that is clearly their intent :-)

  10. (continued)
    This is in fact, actually your challenge as you deal with skeptics and deniers. It's not just climate change that they are rejecting, they are rejecting the real world too. They live in a fearful fantasy of reactionary decision making and imagined "enemies" that are allegedly colluding to destroy them. Any attempt to bring them back from the brink of self-destruction will need to understand that they are mentally ill and will require a lot of time, patience, education and support. However, most do not want to be cured or shown that their delusions are false and will instead stubbornly cling to their worldviews as reality.

    Finally, I do not consider them harmless. There is a growing danger to the world and humanity that must be considered and why I am speaking up. Many are embracing a "personal Armegeddon" event / crisis whereby they will react with violence against all others. They have been preparing for this for many years. There is also the fact that all of humanity is now being affected by climate change. Denialism has cost years of time that could have been used to address the problem.

  11. The story on the Guardian about the leaked encyclical was linked by Drudge, and the flying monkeys have descended in droves. I spent far too much time there swatting at them over the last few hours, but now I have actual work to do.

  12. where is Lewandowsky when you need him?

    both these comments came from the same person

    "climate change was a hoax to get countries to reduce CO2"
    "the pledges from countries to reduce CO2 is a hoax"


    1. Presumably on the second draft of the new paper. I hope the next title is as good as the last two.

      It's unfair; other psychologists have to look for subjects, he practically has to beat them off with a stick. It's a self-sustaining research project.

  13. If you can stomach it, Chris Monckton's keynote address to the Heartland conference is a rich seam of conspiracy and, um, statements not wholly grounded in reality. Amongst the usual utter misrepresentation of the science, lapped up by the audience, are such gems as the claim that he won his case against Inconvenient Truth (the case was an attempt to get the film removed from English schools and it failed miserably) , that the intention of the Paris conference is to form a global government, that US Senators want him and other sceptics tried and then executed and that these tactics are identical to those that gave rise to the Third Reich.

    Standing Ovation.


    His Lordship takes the podium @ around 34 minutes.

  14. Loved the comment by Wagen, wooden spoon winner.

    1. OK, I'm a bit out of my depth here on the (possibly) Australian-specific use of the term 'wooden spoon'. In my experience, a wooden spoon is awarded to the team that comes last in a sporting event/league.

      But this usage of the phrase seems to be complimentary rather than derogatory, as in Wagen is 'stirring it' (with a wooden spoon) over on WUWT, and got one by the watchdogs over there in that his comment wasn't deleted by a mod. Am I right?

      I've googled all over the place for a clue, but am none the wiser after that exercise :-\

    2. You are correct, metzomagic. The wooden spoon is awarded to the person who comes last. The competition was for the *best conspiracy theory*. :)

    3. unless he implied that Lewandowsky was behind all this story, pushing Watts to write to Peterson then influencing Peterson to give the letter to you then manipulating YOU so that everyone can read it and the deniers can start conspiration theories, giving him enough material to write another article that will sparkle etc.

      Ah ah! Didn't think about that, did you ? :]

      (boy why didn't I choose the path of Lewandowsky, there is sooo much fun to have right now ...)

  15. Do we know if Lewandowsky is aware of this current stuff? It really is gold! 'We're not conpiracy theorists - but the Pope is a Comintern plant' is priceless!


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