Monday, October 13, 2014

WUWT indulges in malfeasance

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I don't know what Anthony Watts and Tim Ball think they are up to. Perhaps Anthony Watts is wanting to be added to one or other of the defamation suits against Tim Ball.

Today Tim Ball writes an article headlined: "Climate Science: Separating Mistakes From Malfeasance" in which he writes one lie after another in quick succession. It is a testament of the malfeasance of Tim Ball and those who publish his lies, like Anthony Watts has done. It's a gish gallop of old disproven falsehoods and innuendo and smear, all aimed at attacking climate science and climate scientists.

I know that nobody in their right mind would take anything that Tim Ball writes as being truthful. The default position is that if Tim Ball says it, it won't be true. Still, I do hope he gets his comeuppance sooner rather than later. And it would be great if the bloggers who promote his smears and falsehoods were made to pay as well.

No. I won't link to the WUWT article itself. The ugly little man is trying to rewrite history about McIntyre and McKitrick and Ben Santer and the Oxburgh Review of CRU and the IPCC, among other things. This is just to comment on the immoral and unethical behaviour of Anthony Watts in promoting the lies and smears that ooze out of the keyboard of Tim Ball.

Tim Ball is not even fit to be put on par with scum of the earth, like slime. Slime has a useful role to play, after all.

(I'm not inviting any comments. Click the links above if you want to see the real story, rather than what Tim's been lying about this time.)

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