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It snowed in Hawaii ....plus what you didn't read at WUWT

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It's quiet on the denier front. There hasn't been much at WUWT lately. Today we see that there is snow on a mountain top in Hawaii.  I suppose that's news.

There was a lot happening to the weather that wasn't at WUWT this week.

Cyclone HudHud - which devastated parts of the eastern seaboard in India, killing 24 people as it hit the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The death toll was lower because tens to hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated. The recovery is underway, but will take months for some operations to get back to normal. The effects were felt way up in Nepal, where 27 or more people died and up to 100 went missing after almost a metre of snow fell, accompanied by avalanches. It's reported that the bird the cyclone was named after after suffered a lot at its hand.

HudHud Credit: NASA

In Japan, there was what became a supertyphoon, Vongfong, which at one stage had wind peaks of 234 km/h. It hit Japan as a tropical storm.

Vongfong Image Credit: NASA JSC/ISS

Meanwhile, the other day there was a massive storm that tore across New South Wales, bringing snow to the Blue Mountains. One report called it a "once in a century". Maybe, maybe not.

Source: BoM Radar

Climate change and bushfires

Also in New South Wales, the Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons says how climate change is a concern for bushfire management and mitigation. From the ABC:
The NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said with more days of high fire danger, there is now a shrinking window of opportunity to carry out back-burning and other hazard reduction.
"If our window of opportunity continues to shrink, in order to get those really important pre-season activities underway then, yes, there's a broader argument that needs to be had around matters of climate change and its effect on fire management and fire seasons," he said.
Last year, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that senior UN official Christiana Figueres was "talking through her hat" when she said there was a clear link between climate change and the sort of bushfires seen in NSW.
Despite those comments, Commissioner Fitzsimmons said he was satisfied that climate change was being taken seriously enough at every level of government when it came to its impact on bushfires.

From the WUWT comments

The crazies have been let loose at WUWT. Janice Moore wrote (and this is just part of her comment):
October 16, 2014 at 5:14 pm
1949… in Hawaii…… just 4 years after the national soc1l1st l1es and rac1st propaganda of the Axis powers were soundly defeated by the Allies.
Truth won!
And, dear An-tho-ny, TRUTH ABOUT HUMAN C02 WILL WIN.
Yes, truth triumphed in WWII and will have triumphed (in the Battle for Truth in Science) only at a great cost.
the fight is worth it.
Courage, all you Professor Carters, Murry Salbys, Willie Soons, Jo Novas, and An-tho-ny Watts of the world!
Before long, you, too, will be smiling, raising a glass to toast your victory, and effectively singing “Mele Kalikimaka”
in the very spot
you were INFAMOUSLY bombed
just a few short years before.
Truth wins — EVERY time.
For just a little reminder of what it costs
how VICTORY FEELS… it is coming ….

You don't really want to read any more like this, do you?


  1. I think Anthony will take a break soon but it won't be easy for him. WUWT has been his life and his passion for the last decade and the support he receives from the denier institutes has given him and his family a liveable income.

    I am acutely aware that ageing is changing my life and It's certainly taking its toll on Anthony's. One very telling indication is his increased reliance on Eric Worrall's posts.

    Bob Tisdale (who is intelligent) has been assisting Anthony a lot lately but Tisdale's input isn't taking up the slack - so Eric Warroll.

    Eric is a blithering idiot and Anthony knows that. He uses him because Eric is obsessively committed to the blog, knows red meat when he sees it and can relieve the pressure..for now.

    Earlier in the week Anthony's wrote a faux-sorrowful post re Tamino's apparent absence from his OPEN MIND Blog, the faithfull wrote comments about Anthony that are typical of those read at a funeral.
    Monckton's comment was a lengthy prose poem which elevated Anthony to the status of a moral giant. It even contained a prayer beseeching god to keep Anthony hand cuffed to his computer.

    There's a reason people write eulogies and compose prayers.

    1. I don't know about that. His blog is very popular and I'd say he'll try to find a way to keep it going. It would bring in advert revenue and donations.

      It is getting harder and harder for him to find "it's cold somewhere on Earth" things to write about. Doing so looks very odd, too, when his home state is still in the middle of a devastating drought and has just had the warmest January to September period on record.



      Avoiding all that makes him appear, dare I say it, unpatriotic (a real no-no for someone of Anthony's ideological convictions).

      He'll get more articles over the coming 12 months as the political deniers ramp up again ahead of Paris 15. (It looks as if they are taking a break - they aren't very organised at present.)

    2. Agreed it would not close down. There are an number of acolytes who appear to be time-rich who could replace him if he retired.
      'Jimbo' looks like a likely candidate.

    3. Oh, I see what you are saying. Anthony's blog does get a lot of hits, but his recent plea for articles didn't get much of a response, or not that he used (could use?). His effort to get people to support his new "society" didn't get very far either.

      His blog does seem to be struggling at the moment. It'll be interesting to see how it goes over the next few months. Will he keep shifting toward the loony end of the blogosphere or will he try for more mainstream right wing politics (what passes for mainstream in the USA aka the loony right elsewhere) or will he just keep on with his scattergun approach. That is, copying and pasting press releases interspersed with ridiculing and/or libelling scientists interspersed with paranoid conspiracy theories from Tim Ball.

  2. Deepest snow drift I ever saw - about 30 feet thick - was in 1982 on the summit road atop Mauna Kea just below the cinder cone supporting the UKIRT, UH88, CFHT (before Subaru was built). The MKO staff had just cut through it with a giant Swiss-style mechanized snow blower so we could be to the summit for the night. Snow doesn't last long there especially when the sun comes out.

  3. It's quiet on the denier front. There hasn't been much at WUWT lately

    Really? How about: Smells fishy: Alexa’s data blunder hits Drudge, WUWT, mostly favors leftist news sites over conservative news sites

    A lovely post, with lots of conspiracies against the noble victims of science. That a change would affect right wing and left wing homepages differently is no surprise, left wing people like privacy and fear abuse of their data by governments and corporations. Thus WUWT, Drudge Report & Fox News radio have or had a Toolbar. While for ThinkProgress, Grist & MSNBC I could not find any. If Alexa now uses more data and thus relies less on its toolbar, it is likely that sites with visitors using toolbars are affected differently as sites with visitors without toolbars.

    Do not miss the comments:

    For example, TheLastDemocrat: Overall, I have no problem believing it has been done on purpose. The Marxists have been well aware of the relevance of media consumption. This is the basis of a couple leading totalitarianism control efforts that appear well-meaning ... We know Al Gore censored Google. ... These people are not regular U.S. Constitution-believing citizens who happen to be democrats;"

    Konrad: "It’s not looking good for “mistake”. Remember Alexa is run by Amazon. Something very similar happened previously with rankings for sceptic books in their climate books rankings."

    Pointman: "Google often produces curious results dependent on how political the query is. I’ve always put that down to Al Gore being a Senior Adviser to their board. Perhaps he’s now got another nice little earner as a Senior Advisor to Alexa as well?"

    Collin Maessen, explains that Alexa data are not accurate and also were not accurate when Watts used it to show how popular he is. He get a mod reply:

    "REPLY: Colin, as usual, you miss this real issue, due to your own biases against myself and WUWT. Alexa has been doing just fine for millions of websites, it’s the change now that is the issue. It can’t simply be explained away, even if you disagree with the previous data gathering methods. Just a reminder. You’re banned from commenting here, due to your previous thread disruptions spouting your bias, and some moderator accidentally let your comment through. So there is no need to reply. – Anthony"

    Jim G: "The left lies about everything, so why not this as well? Inflation, GDP, employment, IRS, Benghazi, fast and furious, Obamacare, yata, yata, yata…. If their lips are moving they are lying."

    CC Reader: "Have any of you looked in your JUNK folder in gmail? Gmail is dumping all republican funding requests and news letters there."

  4. and citing the creationist, birther crazies at WND? seriously?


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