Thursday, April 10, 2014

What next from CEI and Chris Horner - thought recorders?

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The world of conspiracy theorists gets weirder day by day.

According to an article on WUWT (archived here), the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which appears to exist for the sole purpose of suing the government and anyone and everyone, is now filing a lawsuit to get text messages from EPA people.  Not emails this time, text messages.

Really and truly.  I reckon they ought to just petition the court for the right to have one of their people sit alongside every government employee in the USA (and elsewhere if their conspiracy theories go that far) for 24 hours a day, and record every word they utter. Then they can apply to have thought readers strapped to the head of every government employee in the nation to be transcribed by Chris Horner, preferably.  That should keep him busy for a while.

What a bunch of crazies!

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David Sanger said...

No conspiracies here, nosiree Bob!

"EPA, the center of the evil cult."
"it’s not a horse that is pushing the cart but the Trilateral Commission with their front group The CFR "
"Holdren who is whispering intentional exaggerations in a gullible President’s ear"