Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays to Everyone

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Well - it's Christmas Eve already.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

It's been quite an interesting year with some serious weather events, the widest tornado, the worst typhoon and Australia's hottest year on record, and the IPCC WG1 report - congrats to all the authors for a job well done. Plus ordinary Australians spoke up with their wallets and came up with more than half a million dollars in about three days for the Climate Council after our incoming climate-wrecking Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, shut down the Climate Commission.

HotWhopper had it's first birthday this month and, coincidentally, it's also just registered more than 500,000 page views from people in 145 countries, which amazes me.  A big thank you to all HotWhopper readers and everyone who's linked to HotWhopper in various parts of the web.

The most popular article was Watts is Whopping Mad (Crazy) after Marcott et al - Must be the Heat! followed by David Rose and his tabloid "reporting" of Arctic sea ice and other nonsense.

Others included:
Anthony Watts is finally back to his field of expertise, with help and Cook et al Paper Confirms 97% Scientific Consensus - Prompting Silly Conspiracy Theories from Anthony Watts and WUWT and to round off the top five Talking to contrarians. Why do you do it? Or why not?

I wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy and successful 2014.  May the weather be kind and the CO2 drop.

Here's an Australianised Christmas song.  Hope you like it :)


PS I upped the time of this post to keep it at the top for a bit in the spirit of the holiday season.


Victor Venema said...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you Sou and to all readers. Thanks for all your hard work. The flood of nonsense seems infinite.

To be honest, I am happy not to have to celebrate Christmas in Australia. Hourly "last Christmas I gave you my heart" is more than enough. :)

Sou said...

Thank you Victor, and the same warm wishes to you. There's nothing quite like home :)

Cliff said...

Congratulations MobyT,

500,000 page views from humble beginnings refuting those on that denying den of deceipt Hotcopper.

Merry Christmas

MobyT said...

Thanks, Cliff. Merry Christmas to you and all the best to everyone at HotCopper.

Everyone except mods, admin and owners that is. I'm in a generous mood but the silly season hasn't made me that silly :)

George Montgomery said...

Merry Christmas to you, Sou, to your family and your readership. More power to you in the New Year. Cheers, George.

Sou said...

Thank you very much George, and warm wishes for a merry Christmas and bright, not too hot, new year to you and yours.

And Then There's Physics said...

Merry Christmas Sou and to everyone else too. Keep up the good work :-)

Sou said...

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Catmando said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. After all your efforts this year you deserve a rest. Looking forward to you nailing some more idiocy next year (or can we hope that the idiocy will have stopped?).

Sou said...

Thank you Catmando. I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and new year, remembering the good times and looking forward to making new good memories.

Don Brooks said...

Sou, thanks for all your work on this site. It has quickly become one of my favorites.

As a Christmas wish no one can top Tiny Tim: "God bless us every one."

Sou said...

Thank you Don. Warm wishes for a wonderful 2014 for you and yours.

Cugel said...

"May the weather be kind ..."

Travel out Monday, big storm. Travel back Friday, big storm. Did get there and back, though, and had a lovely time; hope you did too, Sou, and everybody else.

Many thanks for the site, I love it.

Sou said...

Glad to read that you had a good time, Cugel - and thanks for the encouragement.

Hope 2014 is a good year for you too.