Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bob Tisdale misses a hot November opportunity @wattsupwiththat

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Bob Tisdale has missed a hot opportunity.  He's put up another article at WUWT with lots of charts and lots of words about November global temperatures (archived here).

He missed the biggest news of all.  November was the hottest November on record!

Data source: NASA

Now I wonder why Perennially Puzzled Bob Tisdale refused to tell his readers that fact.

Not really.  It's probably the same reason he tells fibs like "surface temperatures never have agreed with climate models." No?

Data Sources: NASA and Climate Explorer 


  1. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/southern-crossroads/2013/dec/15/great-barrier-reef-destruction-abbot-point-greg-hunt .

    Willful destruction, this is on purpose - have no illusions.
    Burn, Australia, burn!!
    You chose this 'government', you will pay the price. Including those who have not voted for these thugs but will effectively do nothing to stop this destruction.


  2. It will take the brilliance of a Monckton to see through the suggestion this graph makes that the past 21 years of warming amounted to +0.78° C.
    Otoh if you compare 1998 with the average of last two Novembers you can clearly see we're headed for the Ice Age. They got snow in the US too, case closed.

  3. Captcha (after two unreadable attempts) read 'soparty'. Fair dinkum, let's sway :)

  4. So let's see now, in the past 130 years, November temperatures have risen .6C. That certainly sounds pretty "unprecedented" and tipping points are just around the corner. That anyone would cherry pick the data so deep to even have to come up with a "November surface temperature anomaly" does more to prove the "pause" than to counter it.

    1. Are you being ironic? If not then it is pretty clear that it is more like 1 degree C (-0.2) to 0.8 if you looking at the chart.

    2. Look at the figure above. It's warming. Do it for different months, year-averages, decade-averages ... it's warming. Do something constructive, like it explain why without involving anthro CO2 but with reference to peer-reviewed papers and data. Publish.


    3. William Santos.

      You are being very generous to the anonymous troll, who is too cowardly to append even a pseudonym to his post. I would argue that the real effect of industrial emissions didn't kick in until the earlier 20th century, in which case the range is (roughly) -0.4° C to 0.8° C, or a November increase of 1.2° C - which is double the value suggested by the anonymous troll.

      Only an ignorant, and ideologue, or (potentially) a brain-damaged individual would not understand that such a change is a serious matter.

      On the matter of his claim that Sou is "cherry picking", it seems to have escapes the anonymous troll's attention that November is the most recent month to have been completed for the global temperature record. Therefore it's topical, especially as it's the warmest ever recorded. And there's also the fact that Sou is responding to Bob Tisdale, so perhaps the anonymous troll should be accusing Tisdale of cherry picking...

      Finally, the anonymous troll seems to think that there's actually been a pause in global warming. Only the ignorant and the ideological subscribe to that refuted meme - I would deliberately omit a blanket inclusion of brain-damaged individuals from this aspect of denialism, because brain damage is not necessarily a precondition for people believing this crap.

      Bernard J.

    4. For anonymous, who thinks that showing **all** the data in the GISTemp record for the month of November, going back to 1880, constitutes "cherry-picking".

      Since I'm guessing that Anonymous is a science denier and maybe even an "ice age comether", here are two more facts.

      The coldest ever month in the GISTemp record was January 1893, with an anomaly of minus 0.83 degrees Celius below the 1951-1980 global surface temperature baseline.

      The coldest November in the GISTemp record was in 1910, with an anomaly of minus 0.54 degrees Celsius below the 1951-1980 global surface temperature baseline.

  5. ...an ideologue...

    Bernard J.

  6. Yes I was very generous but that I was only pointing out the obvious mathematical flaws. And it would not be the fist time in history a "sceptic" cant seem to understand basic +- math.
    I could tell him about natural variation and ocean heat content but what's the point, his mind-set is already set in stone.
    But most its because I forgot the put "just" before looking.

    On to another topic. Nice climate blog you got here, really informative and debunking at the same time. I just started reading and learning about climate science but I'm not inept in general science but alas my English is.
    I will definitive follow you and that Open Mind guy that seems to know a lot about this subject.

    1. Welcome to HotWhopper, William.

      As for anonymous who you responded to upthread, sometimes it's hard to spot the difference between a fake sceptic and a fake science denier (someone pretending to be a fake sceptic) :D

  7. Strictly speaking GISTemp has last November as the 2nd warmest November (by 1/100 of a degree)....

    NCDC has last November as it's warmest....

    1. What source are you using, Flackmeister?

      GISTemp still shows this past November as the warmest on record. These are the data I used for the chart above:


      GISTemp is updated as more data comes in, but it's still the warmest November so far.

  8. Culled from here





    Ahh, I see now... Chalk this one up to the sublteties of GISTemp or, in Eli's words, "what is a poor bunny to do",,,,


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