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Friday, June 7, 2013

What's that about 16 years? Since 1996, you say?

Sou | 4:48 PM 6 Comments - leave a comment

You'd be surprised...

This is very weird! Anthony Watts (who runs a science denying blog, WUWT) is amused that those who understand climate change know that the world is (still) warming.  In fact, it's that very global warming that is causing climate change.

Anthony writes that Craig Rucker of CFACT writes:
You’d be surprised at what they don’t know at the UN climate conference in Bonn. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t. Although the evidence keeps mounting up, most of the delegates in Bonn are unaware that there had been no warming for 16 years**.
You'd be surprised at what Craig Rucker and Anthony Watts and people who read WUWT don't know:

1. Surface temperatures have risen:

Source: NASA

2. The oceans have heated up a lot:


3. Arctic sea ice has melted away very very quickly:

Source: PIOMAS

4. Seas have risen higher and faster:

Source: University of Colorado

5. More and more scientists agree the globe is warming and we, yes, that includes you, Anthony Watts and Craig Rucker, are the cause:

The Consensus Project

** I'm assuming they mean since 1996, 16 years before the last full year of data, 2012. Another year would make little difference.  It's still warming.


  1. Ask him on what date in 1996 that it stopped. If he's as smart as he thinks and can narrow it down to one year, then he should be able to find the specific date as well!


  2. Lol. Maybe the exact date, hour, minute and second. The precise moment the world stopped warming should have been a most memorable event :D

    1. I expect that a close reading of the Bible will reveal the precise date and time in 1996 that global warming stopped; if not, Nostradamus will surely have mentioned it.

  3. Well played Sou...well played...

  4. What Ian said. This one should be trumpeted anywhere WUWT readers might be found.

    1. Hi Lotharsson, feel free :) (I'm 'persona non grata' at the main place where "WUWT readers might be found".)

      PS You'll note I've been borrowing your collective noun - with proper attribution. It's perfect.


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