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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paranoid conspiracy theory of the week

Sou | 3:44 PM Feel free to comment!
Moderators on HotCopper are a weird mob mostly far to the right of mainstream Australia.  Unsurprisingly their views are largely aligned with the right wing politics and world views of forum management.  At least one moderator is a paranoid conspiracy theorist who often posts links to paranoid conspiracy theories having their roots in anti-semitism, like this one posted by a moderator today:
Source: General forum

Even the conservative Andrew Bolt, who is much admired by the target market of HotCopper, shies away from shameful nonsense like that.

If anyone wonders why HotCopper is dominated by minority extreme right wing bigotry, this goes part way to explaining it.

The rot starts at the top.

(Subscribers can view the thread here.  Note that a poster objected to the post and had his or her objection firmly deleted. Free speech, much touted by management and moderators, doesn't apply on HotCopper unless it coincides with the politics of management.)

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