Friday, May 13, 2016

OMG it's horsepower!

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Anthony Watts is once again scraping the bottom of the barrel. This time he scraped up some horse manure (archived here). He resurrected an old article from the Washington Times, from way back in 2012. It featured in one of the very first articles here at HotWhopper.

Deniers are seriously weird at times. If you subscribe to the weirdness of thinking that a bunch of people standing on a pier changed the sea level in Atlantic City, you'll have given them super-powers. That's because they also must have changed the sea level up and down the entire east coast of North America, as Tamino showed way back in 2012.


Millicent said...

Ah yes, sea level rise. The topic where satellite measurements must be ignored because they are relatively accurate.

Anthony's preference for Axel-Morner tells us nothing about climate science but a lot about Anthony.

Nick said...

Soon and Morner on sea level is useless of course. Of interest is their spending most of it on Antarctic sea-ice...obviously pitching their nonsense at the abysmal knowledge level of their host. Who must have been kicked in the head by a pony when a lad.

metzomagic said...

Seems like every day is a slow news day over at LOL, WHUT?! lately. When you think about, the last piece of news to break in AGW deniers' favour was probably Climategate. And that was all the way back in 2009.

metzomagic said...

Actually... in deference to Web Hub Telescope, who currently uses the handle 'whut', I should probably change that to 'LOL, WUT?!' The last time I used that moniker, the humour did not seem to be appreciated; at least from the standpoint of our 'whut', anyway ;-)

Magma said...

Indeed, the exact contra-argument of that used to deprecate surface temperature measurements.

The unrelenting show of ignorance on proud display in the comments is somewhat discouraging, even if the Wattites are a highly unrepresentative subpopulation. Read some of the comments on isostatic rebound or the geoid, and marvel.

Tadaaa said...

The trouble with the internet is that it lets village idiots know they are not alone.

They connect up with other village idiots and the word soon spreads.

So even more village idiots turn up and they all exchange the same bonkers views and each say exactly the same thing.

The quickly convince themselves that they are right, and pretty soon forget that they are village idiots. They all upvote each other for everything, so they must be right.

And because they turn up in large numbers in comments sections, they actually believe that they speak for the majority on any particular issue - especially AGW.

Because they are village idiots, they cannot work out that, in reality, they are in the bottom 10% minority.

Naturally, wild predictions abound - imminent global cooling etc. Of course, this doesn't happen. They cannot work out why (what village idiot could?) so they claim it must be a fix. It's the only thing they can think of.

Welcome to WUWT

(HT mailbiter)

metzomagic said...

So even more village idiots turn up and they all exchange the same bonkers views and each say exactly the same thing.

Actually, they don't. Groups of village idiots have their own pet theory about what is causing the warming (or it's-just-around-the-corner-you-just-wait cooling).

And a lot of these pet theories contradict each other, but the village idiots don't seem to care. As long as a theory is sufficiently anti-science while being dressed up in the best possible pseudoscience (I know, that's an oxymoron), it's good enough to pass muster in the denier echo chambers.

numerobis said...

The Washington Times would be a quality satire paper if they weren't so serious about their articles.

I discovered them during the BP disaster, arguing that the well was leaking so much that the entire Gulf of Mexico sea floor would soon collapse and send a tsunami to destroy us all.

Tadaaa said...

@ meztomagic

You are correct off course

Their only consistency is in their inconsistency, scientifically speaking

They are off course wholly consistent in viewing it all as a Marxist/liberal/socialist plot

Harry Twinotter said...


Yes other's have noticed that effect too, especially amongst 9/11 Truthers.

Make take on it is they don't care that they all disagree with each other, as long as they are all united on the idea that global warming is not happening, or that it is happening and it is not caused by carbon dioxide pollution.