Saturday, April 30, 2016

Do the hustle...

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I've been a bit tied up lately so you can talk about anything. A few deniers are talking about this, or something.

Rumour has it that Sarah Palin didn't get to see what she has been raving about.


  1. Well, I really don't have anything to say about Sarah Palin. However, I would like to relay something that happened to me. I saw a video by Paul Beckwith on how chemtrails didn't exist and he went into great detail explaining what the science behind these exhausts really were. I sent this video to a friend who is a big time conspiracy theorist and BOY did she get angry. She must have sent me three separate irate responses to the video. She even went so far as to call Paul Beckwith, a renowned Canadian climate scientist, a 'disinformation agent.' I was pretty blown away. It further proved my point that all of this nonsense about chemtrails and HAARP go hand in hand with climate change denial. These conspiracy theorists honestly believe that all that has to be done is to stop the chemtrailing and dismantle the HAARP technology so that climate change can reverse itself. I've actually heard this said.

    This kind of thinking runs real, real deep.

    1. So that no one can say I'm a shyster :D, here is the link to the video:



    2. Are you promoting Paul Beckwith? In what way is he "renowned"? Has he published ground-breaking climate research? He tends to be a Catastrophist and some of his speculations lack scientific merit. He is a hobbyist who makes YouTube videos on his favourite topics, anyone can do that.

      ChemTrails, Flat Earth, Alien Abductions. All a strange sort of hobby. You don't even have to debunk them, the burden of evidence is on the person making the claim. Eg provide evidence that contrails contain something other than water vapour.

      Climate Change Deniers do not have the same motivation as the others, in my opinion. Climate Change Deniers appears to be motivated by right-wing ideology.

    3. As Harry points out, Beckwith isn't renowned. He doesn't even have his PhD yet, and it appears he has as many papers within climate science as I do (= 0).

      That doesn't mean he is wrong on everything, but certainly not the type of 'authority' you'd want to use.

    4. I am not trying to promote anyone, even though I don't know what you mean by this scientist being a 'hobbyist'. As for Beckwith being a 'catastrophist', I would say that this global warming is pretty catastrophic-quite frankly.

      As for the climate deniers coming from the right-wing, I would
      agree with that. However, many right-wingers are also conspiracy theorists as well-Alex Jones being someone that comes to mind.

      As for not having to debunk these theories, I don't know if it's that simple since so many people have taken them as truth.

      As for this film Climate Hustle, I predict that this is just the beginning. It's only a matter of time before the right-wing come up with films that will be better produced and promoted.

    5. I think that the comments re Paul Beckwith are that it pays to check what he writes, in the same way one needs to check what Guy McPherson writes. He tends to exaggeration and hyperbole beyond what the science indicates. For example, he has been known to call an ice-free summer Arctic somewhat prematurely. That's not to say that he's wrong all the time, just that it's a good idea to check with other sources.

    6. Thank you for this fair response. And you are absolutely right. I actually do check other sources, but I find that some of these scientists tend to downplay this emergency that I think we're in.

      Thanks again, Sou. I really do enjoy your blog.

      Keep up the good work.

  2. Climate Hustle is just trying to emulate the Great Global Warming Swindle.

    Oh well - as long as the lobby groups keep paying they will producing these poor documentaries.

    1. I suspect CFACT will euphemistically refer to Climate Hustle as a "loss leader" - though leading who to where and at what loss would be left to the imagination :)


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