Thursday, September 3, 2015

Problems with comments?

Sou | 1:05 AM Go to the first of 3 comments. Add a comment
Two people now have told me they have had difficulty posting a comment. My apologies - there's not a lot I can do.

One solution has been to be to try a different browser.

Failing that, feel free to send me a comment by email to sou at hotwhopper.com (and let me know that it's a blog comment and the article you're commenting on) and I'll post it for you.

Google is in the middle of making changes, some of which seem to be have been causing a few bugs in the system over the past few days.


  1. I have been logged out of Google a few times, so check to see if you are logged into Google, and the correct account (I have several, you can probably tell I am using a nom de plume :-) )

    The "Comment as:" on this website still has a quirk. If you comment without being logged in correctly it prompts for you to logon after you click the Publish button. But it also drops the comment you just made; you will have to type it in again.

  2. Harry, thanks. It's happens to me occasionally, now I have something to look for.

  3. This problem appear in many blogs recently. The easiest way is to use the NAME/URL option, as it seems it's the only option not affected by the bug.


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