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The Extra Terrestrial Tamperers are Coming - by Christopher Monckton @wattsupwiththat

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The Aliens are Coming. Christopher Monckton knows who "They" are, but won't give any details.  All I can glean from his WUWT article is that "They" are (Extra) Terrestrial Tamperers and Dictators who are about to strike and take over the world, grabbing Supreme Global Power. Today on his second favourite conspiracy blog (after Infowars), Christopher Monckton, the potty peer of Brenchley, wrote:

 I expect that we’ll hear a great deal less about climate change once the world government is safely installed. As the divergence between prediction and reality continues to widen, the new dictators will not want anyone to be reminded of the great lie by which they took supreme and – for the first time – global power.

Anthony Watts is probably on the phone now to his favourite Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, getting tips, and stocking up on lentils and rice.

About that divergence from reality...

From the WUWT comments

This one from emsnews seems to fit best:
August 4, 2015 at 9:51 am
They are driving the clown car faster and faster as it goes down the falling temperatures road…boom.

There was also some discussion about when Christopher's "pause" began, when someone noticed he'd changed the start date. MarkW fixed that problem - the "pause" started today!
August 4, 2015 at 10:25 am
To put it another way, the pause starts today and is calculated to see how far into the past it extends.

MarkW adds another brilliant "thought" about people being stupid:
August 4, 2015 at 10:24 am
It is logically impossible for some people to be this stupid.
The pause “starts” on the day that the temperature gets lower than it is today. Thus the start of the pause is determined by the current temperature and will change as that changes. 

Related Reading

Lewandowsky, Stephan, Klaus Oberauer, and Gilles E. Gignac. "NASA faked the moon landing—therefore,(climate) science is a hoax an anatomy of the motivated rejection of science." Psychological Science 24, no. 5 (2013): 622-633. doi: 10.1177/0956797612457686 (pdf here)


  1. I wrote a drabble on this subject some time ago.

    “Mr. Watts, Mr. Courtney, tallbloke; thank you for your efforts.” gushed the new World President.

    “You discredited climate science. Industry prospered; CO2 levels soared. For 20 years global temperatures remained constant.”

    “Your wisdom was applauded by all. Oil companies competed to fund you. Right-thinking conservative politicians heaped honours on you.”

    “What a shock when temperatures began to rapidly rise and the greenhouse effect ran away!”

    “What chagrin to find you were part of a conspiracy that went even higher than you imagined, revealed when your new masters landed.”

    “We had to wait until the climate was right.”, said the Mekon.

    1. Heheh. An extra thumbs-up for saving the sting to the very last word...

    2. LOL: But speaking as a bit of a "Trekkie" - I'd have gone for "klingon".

    3. I needed a villain from somewhere warm. ☺

  2. Monkton is a paid oil schill (ask him, he will not deny it). The odd thing about Monkton is he's on record as knowing he's wrong, but still goes on claiming he's right anyway. That makes him worse then stupid, it makes him malicious.

    Considering what global climate change really means for humanity, we cannot tolerate malicious acts of public denial any further. Opened eyes can easily see that something is seriously wrong with climate worldwide, only complete malicious fools go on denying it.

    Say goodbye to the Republican party very soon - they'll be held accountable for their constant denial and their interference to effective climate policy.

  3. sorry, i could not help myself.
    shared this with header.
    Monckton " my eyes nearly popped out of my head"

    yer i know

    1. Monckton's eyes are his most attractive feature.

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can tell a lot about a cultural movement by the kind of people it raises to prominence. That the Republicans could choose this man as an 'expert' to lecture congress on an issue of such importance neatly encapsulates the abject failure of modern 'conservatism'. GOPers, if you're not humiliated by this stuff you're the problem...

  5. Oh, speaking of the failures of modern 'conservatism' - Adani's world's-biggest-ever coal project just fell over in Federal Court, with our putative 'Environment Minister' left with enough egg on his face to start a cafe! The clown troupe running this country could scarcely be having a worse week...

    1. Bill, apparently the Federal Court's decision is based on the submission by the proponents of incorrect paperwork, which is intended to be fixed and resubmitted.

      We'll see...

    2. We'll see ...

      What the CBA sees is a PR disaster in the making. They've abandoned their financial advising role for this Carmichael-Adani project.

      Or perhaps there wasn't any "financial" to advise about seeing as every major lender has either walked away or refused in the first place.

    3. It's delightful, isn't it Adelady? And no small irony that the general market is speaking whilst all the while the LNP government and their puppeteer coal interests are desperately trying to maintain the polluting/environmentally destroying status quo.

      Talk about backing the wrong horse...

      Greg Hunt is a wonderful example of nominative determinism (and no, not for that reason). He really is looking hunted these days, almost Dickensian in his sallow, drawn pallor and stumbling incoherent protestations, as if he is afflicted with the politican version of heartburn or gastric ulcers.

    4. Hunt doubtlessly didn't always aspire to being the country's worst Environment Minister, and by all accounts wasn't always a complete idiot. However, if you're going to be part of this country's WGE - the Worst Government Ever - there are standards you just have to sink to.

      And, yep, the Commonwealth Bank - not being an idiot - has just walked away. With any luck we've just dodged a bullet!

      Tony's Circus Troupe decided to bet the farm on coal at the very moment its terminal decline became apparent to all but the most fanatically deluded. Or pathetically compromised; take your pick.

  6. I see Lord Monckton is even watering down his "credibility" of the RSS and UAH datasets. He is preparing for the time his little "zero trend line" trick will no longer work.

    This may happen by the end of the year when the El Nino couples with the troposphere like it has in the past.

    I predict Lord Monckton or someone else will try this trick: they will claim the El Nino spike is an outlier, and remove it from their trend calculation.

    PS it is fascinating watching the WUWT posters tying themselves in knots to justify the cherry-picked zero trend line.

  7. This Monkton bloke goes step by step by step telling of his cherrypicking, denies cherry picking, and the muppets think he
    is a genius.
    Totally bizarre.


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