Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A pause on denier watching - till they crawl out of the gutter

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There's been almost nothing worth writing about from deniersville the last few days. The deniers at WUWT are busy wallowing in the gutter. I've already written about some of it here and here and here, but enough is enough.

While WUWT are deciding whether to emulate James Delingpole. smutty gossip rags or paranoid conspiracy theory websites, I'll not be writing much about them. No decent person would be able to stomach most of the WUWT articles of the past few days, including me. (Roy Spencer's blog has gone in a similar direction.)

Maybe that's the intention. To rid WUWT of any readers with a sense of decency.

I can only conclude that deniers have given up trying to dispute science for the time being, except for silliness from Bob Tisdale - which is being recycled by Anthony, who is pretending to agree with Bob's wilful ignorance. (See the HotWhopper article here.)

Oh, and so you know, Willie Soon has issued a statement from the safety of the execrable Heartland Institute. So if you were in any doubt at all about his ideological or other motivation, he's made it perfectly clear. (See also Greg Laden's recent articles, RealClimate.org and John Mashey's comment.)

Stick around, though. I'll be writing bits and pieces about new science when I get the chance.

Normal programming will resume when or if deniers ever decide to poke their heads up above the gutter.


  1. It's a tough job but I sure thank you for doing it. I don't think I could stand spending much time at WTFUWW, not to mention the time you put in parsing it for us. I'm a laymen who has put in lots of hours at climate blogs over the past 6 years, and I use what I've learned to refute skeptic claims at mainstream media and FaceBook articles in the comments. What you report on from WUWT appears in these other media a little later. So I to go there pre-armed so to speak.

  2. Sou, I find nothing so despairing as an unworthy adversary. Have a nice hiatus. :-)

  3. Climate Change continues regardless of WUWT's ideology. The BOM have shifted the ENSO tracker back to "Watch", I expect NOAA to do the same in a couple of days. There is another Kelvin Wave coming.

    I read an article that the Larsen C ice shelf is looking sick. Arctic sea ice extent may be heading to a monthly low record.

    Never a dull moment!

    1. Thanks, Harry. I've now updated the ENSO report in the sidebar.

      I read a similar article about Larsen C, by Seth Borenstein. It was excellent.

      The Big Melt

  4. Sou,
    Anthony Watts published a huge lie about a supposed cold and snow event in Huntington Beach, Ca, which was really hail from a thunderstorm.

    1. I've not seen snow when it's 9.5C before. LA was 49F-63F that day. (And Anthony claims to be a weather expert)


    2. Maybe it was "soft hail", it looks like snow. It has fallen on Sydney Australia before from a thunderstorm.

  5. Captain FlashheartMarch 4, 2015 at 3:32 AM

    That statement by Willie Soon is so slimy and despicable. He has broken the rules but everyone else is radical and evil for saying so ... why do conservatives lack any sense of personal responsibility?

    1. It's what some (spineless) people do when they are caught out. No character.

  6. "I similarly regret the terrible message this pillorying sends young researchers about the costs of questioning widely accepted “truths.”"

    Maybe he'll have a word with his sponsors about the terrible message the pillorying of climate scientists sends young researchers about the costs of going into research on climate of any sort.

    Such bald-faced hypocrisy. Don't any of his supporters say, "Wait a minute....didn't we just pillory Mann, Hansen, Santer, Jones, and numerous others. For years. With ads and billboards. On major national networks. And told our congresscritters to launch investigations. And had their names, contact info, and addresses broadcast far and wide and tell people to contact them to let them know what they think of them? Oh boy, we are such hypocrites."?

    I'm beginning to think the lack of self-awareness in Dunning-Kruger people goes well beyond the knowledge arena, and into the areas that deals with insight into oneself.


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