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Get ready to (virtually) attend AGU Fall Meeting 2014

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Update - I've added a link to the posters from AGU14. (h/t David Appell)

The next best thing to attending AGU Fall Meeting 2014 in person and catching up with all the scientist pop stars, is to virtually attend.

The AGU Fall Meeting 2014 starts next week and runs from Monday 15 December to Friday 19 December inclusive (USA Pacific Time).  Instructions for access are provided below. The details for the scientific program are:

8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily US Pacific Time
4:00 pm to 2:00 am GMT
3:00 am to 1:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (next day)

San Francisco, California, USA.

To register for Virtual Options

I said in a previous article that I'd check to see if virtual options are available to the public. AGU tells me that's still the case, which is great news. You can go to this website to register or log in: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2014/virtual-options/

In the second paragraph under the heading "Register at MyAGU", you'll see a link to "Register now". You'll be asked for an email address, and offered the option of entering your existing password, getting a new password sent to you (if you've already registered, but have forgotten your password) or creating a new registration.

When you get your password emailed to you, go back and put it in the page and click "I have my password" (no need to do what I did and accidentally click "I forgot my password" again - unless you don't like the one you've got).

Once you log in you'll go straight to the page of videos. Grab a coffee or open your favourite bottle of red and sit back and soak up the science.

It seems to be an easier process than it was last year. There are videos up from other meetings to keep you occupied while you're waiting.

Tip: for some videos you'll get a screen that you have to buy a premier pass to see the video. Click through and you'll probably find, as I did, that the cost is $50 less $50 discount = $0 all up, relief, success - and then you'll get to the videos! [Added by Sou - 16 December 2014]

Poster sessions (update)

David Appell kindly left a comment that you can also see a lot of the posters. Here's the link. They continue to be uploaded, so if you can't find the one you want, check back a bit later.

The program including poster sessions is on the main AGU14 website - for example, here is the link to A11A Advances in Precipitation Observations and Analysis Posters.

Plan your program

Here is the link to the scientific program (virtual), so you can start planning what you want to attend. Click on "Virtual Option" then select a day, or scroll through using the arrow on the right of the page.

There's a search bar up top where you can search for people or topics of interest. Use quotation marks to get the person's name or lecture name or topic to the top of the list (which can include all combinations of names). For example, here's a link to the program for:
  1. Richard Alley
  2. Jennifer Francis
  3. Stephan Lewandowsky
  4. Michael Mann
  5. Susan Solomon
  6. Gavin Schmidt
  7. John Cook
  8. Peter Gleick
  9. William Ruddiman

To get all the "Lectures", just type "lecture" in the search bar and you'll see the main ones at the top of the list.

The Sagan Lecture looks interesting, with Professor Dawn Sumner of UC Davis on Tuesday, December 16, at 9:00 am.
B41P-01Microbial Communities: Tracing Growth Processes from Antarctic Lakes to Early Earth to Other Planets

Chris Field from the Carnegie Institution for Science is giving the Schneider Lecture this year, on Thursday, December 18, 201401:42 PM - 02:32 PM.

There is so much more. Do point to interesting sessions in the comments.

Here's another short video to whet your appetite.



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  2. Many thanks Sou, I have already registered (for free) and I am currently hearing some presentations from last year while I'm working :]


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